Characters Celebrating Throwback Thursday

We’re taking it way back to… the beginning of the movie. We’re not sure where you fall in the #ThrowbackThursday vs. #FlashbackFriday debate, but here at Oh My Disney, we’re squarely in the #tbt camp. To celebrate this week, we thought some of our favorite characters ought to get in on the action:


Simba & Nala
Throwback 8
From best friends to betrothed. Who could have predicted it? Oh, right. Zazu did.


Throwback 4
Love what you’re doing with your fur. Don’t. Change. A. Thing.


Throwback 3
He sure was a wond-ear-ful delivery.


Carl & Ellie
Throwback 2
Who would’ve thought Carl’s slight pant roll above the ankle would be back en vogue? Carl Fredrickson: #Menswear trendsetter.


Buzz Lightyear
Throwback 1
*We know. It’s technically not a throwback, but Small Fry Buzz is just too cute to resist.


The Muppets
Throwback 6
Sing it with us… Muppet BAAAAABIESSS…


Tarzan & Terk
Throwback 10
These two have been monkeying around since childhood.


Sophia Petrillo
Throwback 9
Picture it… “Ma”… thirty years younger!


Mike Wazowski
Throwback 5
Two times the throwback, but still only one eye.


Throwback 7
Mother (the real one, not Gothel) and daughter throwbacks are even more memorable.


Which character is your #tbt favorite?

Posted 4 years Ago
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