Gonzo’s Most Wanted Disney Poultry

Boys, girls, chickens, and my fellow artists—it is I, The Great Gonzo! I have successfully cannonballed my way into the Oh My Disney offices to help celebrate the trailer premiere for our new epic motion picture, Muppets Most Wanted! To mark this auspicious occasion, I will present my list of Most Wanted Disney Poultry—the best of the best. But, before we jump into this fine-feathered feature, let’s have a look at the Muppets Most Wanted trailer:

Ok folks! It’s time for the ULTIMATE list of my top five MOST WANTED members of the Disney poultry family. Oh My Disney will never be the same.


1. Camilla
My one. My only. The queen of the coop! I would be a mere shell of myself without Camilla, so naturally I must choose her as my most wanted member of the Disney poultry family. She is poultry in motion! I could go on for pages about how wonderful Camilla is, but instead, why don’t you gaze at this picture of the two of us. How’s that for a power couple?


2.. Clara Cluck

One of the hardest working chickens in the world, Clara has been bringing smiles to audiences since 1934. Eek—she probably won’t be happy with me calling out her age. That was pretty fowl of me.


3. Lady Kluck

Hands down my favorite part of Robin Hood was Lady Kluck. Favorite scene? When she took on the rhinos. In our new trailer for Muppets Most Wanted, you’ll notice me trying to organize an indoor running of the bulls. If only Lady Kluck were there to help me.


4. Chicken Little

There’s nothing I love more than a chicken overcoming the odds. But I’m still not sure why everyone got freaked out when he said the sky was falling. It might not have been the sky; it might have been me! Look out below!


Sidenote: One of the aliens that he faced looked sort of familiar.


5. Those who have had the rare opportunity to become a chicken.

I’m looking at you, Madam Mim. I’ve been trying to get Dr. Bunsen Honeydew to invent a Chickenator for YEARS now just to experience what it would be like to walk in the talons of the world’s most majestic creature. So far, he’s only managed to turn me into a hamster. Nice, but not the same thing. Better cluck next time!

Posted 8 years Ago
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