We’re Super Impressed With the Twilight Bark

So, you’re Pongo and Perdita. And you’re trying to find your lost puppies. (Tear.) What do you do? Twilight Bark.


We didn’t fully understand the impressiveness of the Twilight Bark in our youth. But, now that we’re grown-ups and we have to communicate with people all the time, we find it to be really well thought out and we wish we had this system set up in case we ever lose something. Basically, the dogs are playing a giant game of tin can talk but with barking and they’re standing much much farther away.


It starts with one dog needing help. (Like, for example, having 15 puppies stolen by a really mean lady who has really not okay taste in coat material.)
Pongo starting the Twilight Bark


And then the other dogs step in to carry that message far and wide across the lands. Why, you might ask. We’ll let the dog below take that one: “The humans have tried everything. Now it’s up to us dogs. The Twilight Bark!”
The Twilight Bark continues


So they bark. And listen. And bark more.
Dog hears Twilight Bark
Dog relays Twilight Bark into drain pipe
Dog barks Twilight bark out of window
Dogs in a store window Twilight bark


And they’re so dedicated that they say things like this: “I’ll bark all night if I have to.”
Dog and goose listen carefully for Twilight Bark
Dog and goose try to reach others with Twilight Bark
Dog and cat relay Twilight Bark


Then, when the information has reached its destination and the puppies (spoiler alert) have been located, the barking goes back to the source:
Pongo and Perdita get Twilight Bark back


At which point the dogs can retrieve their lost puppies, all the while being protected and helped by the Twilight Bark: “Good luck, Pongo. If you lose your way, contact the Barking chain. They’ll be standing by.”


So far, this is the only instance we know of the Twilight Bark. Which means it has 100% success rate and 100% awesome rating. It’s way better than a texting tree.

Posted 6 years Ago
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