Disney Sidekicks and Their Real Life Counterparts

Sidekicks are great. Disney movie sidekicks are even better, because they’re animated and adorable and incredible. Here are some of our favorites, and the real life versions of them that we wish we could have around:

Meeko and a Raccoon
Nice eyes, guys.


Jaq and Gus and Two Mice
Don’t take this the wrong way, mice, but we’ll take the Cinderella sidekicks. Thanks.


Pascal and a Chameleon
Blending in is an art form and these guys have it handled.


Olaf and a Snowman
If it’s either of these guys, then the answer is yes… we do want to build a snowman.


Sven and a Reindeer
No doubt about it. These reindeer are definitely better than people. Sven, don’t you think we’re riiiiiiiight?


Thumper and a Rabbit
The rabbit’s pretty cuddly looking, but we’re pretty confident that he’s no Thumper. Not every rabbit can be a wise sage with the cutest laugh of all time.


Iago and a Parrot
Polly want a sidekick?


Rajah and a Tiger
Do all tigers have a taste for heart-print undergarments or is it just Rajah? #DisneyQuestions


Timon and a Meerkat
One of these two is willing to dress in drag and do the hula for a friend. (And it’s not the meerkat.)


Pumbaa and a Warthog
That’s MR. PIG(S) TO YOU!


Mushu and a Dragon
Okay, just kidding. There’s no real life match for Mushu. He’s too cool for that, plus he’s not a lizard. So his only counterpart option was a dragon statue because reasons.

Posted 8 years Ago
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