Dear Anna, We Love You So

Elsa has magical powers, Olaf is a talking snowman, and Sven is better than people. But Anna… Anna’s the ordinary woman’s hero and we love her so. Here are some of the greatest things about this truly superb lady:


Her hair.
Anna and Kristoff in the sled_1
Braids are so hot right now.


Her rosemaling.
Anna smiling in Frozen_1
Our friends at Disney Style have more to say on this subject.


How excited she was to get out of the castle and into the town.
Hidden Flynn and Rapunzel in Frozen_1
She was so excited she missed some familiar faces in the crowd.


How awkwardness just seems to follow her around.
Anna with snow falling
We feel you, girl.


Her childlike wonder.
Nothing like a good “pretend you’re in a famous painting” moment.


Her tendency toward clumsiness.
Anna running and falling into a boat
This makes us feel better about tripping over our own feet.


This picture of her as a kid:
Open challenge: find a cuter picture than that.


The part where she goes after her sister because she loves her.
Anna looking for Elsa in Frozen_1


How great her gift-giving is (read: carrot noses).
Anna giving Olaf a carrot nose
Albeit sometimes she gives them too enthusiastically. #HeadRush


Her “you’re a little too close to my face” face.
Anna meeting Kristoff_1
It’s just adorable.


When she tries to be super royal and classy and cool.
Anna using a fan_1
Like using a fan indoors.


How much she loves her sister.
Anna and Elsa hugging_1


And, last but not least, the simple truth that she’s worth melting over.
Some people are worth melting for Frozen
If she’s friend enough for Olaf, she’s friend enough for us.

Posted 7 years Ago
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