Wyoming Town Officially Renamed “Radiator Springs”

April 1, 2014 — RADIATOR SPRINGS, Wyoming — The small town of Boulder Valley, Wyoming has renamed itself Radiator Springs to pay homage to the beloved Disney-Pixar franchise Cars, said Mayor Clinton Hounds.

The name change was inspired by the gorgeous landscapes found in the film, as well as the continued success of Cars Land, the latest addition to Disney California Adventure Park in Southern California.

“I was floored upon first laying my eyes on the picturesque new land,” said Hounds about his visit last summer. “It was exhilarating to see so many smiling faces while walking around – I knew that I had to somehow bring the charm of Radiator Springs back to Wyoming.”

Apparently, the citizens of Boulder Valley agreed.

Almost eleven (yes, eleven!) townsfolk lined the street in front of city hall last Monday carrying posters and signs in support of the name change. “We haven’t had this much excitement since Hilda the dairy cow gave birth to twins last year!” exclaimed sixteen-year-old Thomas.

Sally Hubs, city council member, rallied behind Mayor Hounds to spearhead the name change effort. “It was no minor task,” said Hubs. “The process of changing a town name is monumental, but we knew that we had to be loyal to our constituents.” An emergency city council meeting was scheduled and the petition for the name change was unanimously approved, much to the delight of the town and its leaders.

So what did Mayor Hounds say when asked what he would like to tell the world?

“You auto swing by!”

Posted 8 years Ago
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