Rock Your Disney Side 24 Hour Event: A Photo for Every Hour

We just got back from an amazing 24 hours at Disney Parks’ Rock Your Disney Side 24 Hour Event on both coasts! It was a truly epic adventure. We decided to do what few had done before: Begin Friday at 6am at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and end Saturday at 6am at Disneyland. We thought it would be fun to document precisely what we were doing at every hour on the hour, and here, for the good of science, are the results.


6am – Magic Kingdom
We were front and (slightly off) center when Mickey and the gang kicked off the 24 hour celebration and opened the park.


7am – Magic Kingdom
We spotted Donald wearing some pretty epic PJs.


8am – Magic Kingdom


9am – Magic Kindgom
We were very lucky and got to ride the soon-to-be-open Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. At this point we were testing out the completely addictive matching game that’s part of the ride’s queue.


10am – Magic Kingdom
Rock-Your-Disney-Side-24-Hour-Event---Morgan-and-Maddie,-Spencer-Boldman,-Kelli-Berglund,-Peyton-List,-Laura-MaranoWe ran into some friends! Morgan and Maddie from Radio Disney, Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund, Peyton List, and Laura Marano.


11am – Magic Kingdom
We were so hot at this point that we decided an early lunch was in order. We know the photo is blurry, but the Dole Whip’s incredibly fast melting speed coupled with our hunger made this one of the most difficult photos we’ve ever had to take.


12pm – Hollywood Studios
We met up with Morgan, Maddie, Kelli, and Payton to ride Rock’n’Roller Coaster. There was a lot of screaming involved.


1pm – Hollywood Studios
Photo op with Darth Vader. We tried to call him just “Darth” and were told that we had to refer to him as “Lord Vader.” Pssh. We’re part of the Rebel Alliance anyways.


2pm – Hollywood Studios
More sugar was necessary, so to cement our allegiance to the Rebels we ate this Yoda cupcake. Whether it was the Force, or the sugar rush, we were satisfactorily re-fueled.


3pm – Grand Floridian Resort
We said goodbye to Richard, our new friend and awesome guy, who’s worked at Walt Disney World for close to 40 years!


4pm – En Route to Disneyland
We had so many devices to recharge during the flight.


5pm-10pm – En Route to Disneyland
Sleep. Glorious, glorious sleep.


11pm – Disneyland
We were checking wait times. 100 minutes for Thunder Mountain!


12am – Disneyland
Amazing dance party in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. This would probably have woken her up in the event that Prince Phillip hadn’t been available for that kiss.


1am – Disneyland
Tea break.


2am – Disney’s California Adventure
The Mistress of all Evil gave us quite the stare while we were taking her picture.


3am – Disney’s California Adventure
World of Color
World of Color. We are huge saps and this show always makes us cry. Oh, nostalgia.


4am – Disneyland
One more rest was completely necessary, so we went with Fried Chicken and Mickey Waffles at the Plaza Inn. It was only available during the event, and it hit the spot.


5am – Disneyland
We met up friends from D23 and Joseph, the greatest official Disneyland tour guide ever.


6am – Disneyland
Mickey, Minnie, and Chip signal that the party is official over!


We had so much fun at the event, but were very happy to get some sleep at 6am! We’d say our experiment was a success.

Posted 6 years Ago
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