Our Reactions to the Toy Story 4 Announcement… As Told By Toy Story GIFs

In case you missed it, it was announced earlier that Toy Story 4 is coming to theaters in 2017! The film will be directed by John Lasseter and written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack. This is what happened when we found out:


We heard a rumor that a Toy Story 4 was happening and got really distracted.
Rex Being Clumsy Toy Story 2 GIF


We ran to the nearest computer to confirm this information.
Woody Running Toy Story 3


We scoured the internet for multiple news sources.
Toy Soldier Toy Story GIF


Could it really be true?
Toy Soldier Toy Story GIF


And saw that it was, in fact, correct.
Woody Smiling Toy Story GIF


Really, really correct.
Jaw Dropping Toy Story 2 GIF


Toy Soldier Toy Story GIF


More cheering and general glee!
Rex Cheering Toy Story 2 GIF


We hugged everyone around us.
Jessie Hugging Woody Toy Story 2 GIF


Then this happened, due to the combination of exciting news and running.
Woody Falls Down Toy Story GIF


The only problem? We have to wait until 2017.
Toy Soldier Toy Story GIF


If anyone thinks they know how to speed up time, please contact us ASAP. Your help will be much appreciated.

Posted 5 years Ago
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