We Have Frozen Fever and the Only Cure is New Images!

Today we get a sneak peek at what to expect from the all-new Frozen short, Frozen Fever, which premieres in theaters in front of Cinderella on March 13! With so much anticipation for the new short, we had to wonder if these new images could possibly live up to Frozen fans’ expectations, well they can and they do, friends. They can and they do. Take a look at what we can expect in Frozen Fever, which takes place on Anna’s birthday:


Elsa wakes Anna up on the big day.


Elsa and Kristoff set up for Anna’s party. 




We love the look of Anna’s birthday cake, and Olaf’s cake face is priceless. 


And the award for most adorable family portrait goes to:


Okay, we officially can’t wait to see Frozen Fever and Cinderella. What are we going to do until March 13? Seriously, help.


Which Frozen Fever still is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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