Finally: Aladdin is Coming to Diamond Edition Blu-ray!

After years of waiting, of sitting wistfully in front of our televisions and computers wondering why we aren’t watching Aladdin, we finally have a reason to rejoice: the Aladdin Diamond Edition is coming to Blu-ray, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere October 6!!¬†Check out the trailer announcing the new release! Aladdin won two Academy Awards at the 1993 ceremony (for the score and for best song, “A Whole New World”), as well as the award for best use of a genie, which we just invented. Let’s revisit some of our favorite moments from the film in anticipation:


That Time Aladdin Was Really Smooth
Aladdin - Apple


That Time Genie and Carpet High-Fived and We Wanted a Genie and a Magic Carpet as a Result
Genie carpet high five - Aladdin


That Time Jasmine Had the Best Line


That Time Baby Rajah Made Our Day
cute and fluffy - aladdin - raja kitty


That Time Abu Was Kind of a Klepto
Be happy - Aladdin - Abu gem


That Time We Wished Someone Would Look At Us Like Aladdin is Looking at Jasmine
fantasy disney prince boy band - Aladdin


That Time Genie Won at Life


That Time Aladdin and Jasmine Took a Magical, Musical Carpet World Tour
A Whole New World with Magic Carpet in Aladdin


That Time Aladdin’s Feather Wouldn’t Stay Up And it Was Incredibly Endearing


That Time Both Jafar and Iago Were Our Spirit Animals
Iago from Aladdin - Surprise GIFs


Tell us: On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being pumped and 10 being  SUPER INCREDIBLY PUMPED) how pumped are you about the upcoming Aladdin Diamond Edition??


Posted 7 years Ago
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