The New Cinderella Trailer is Literally Your Fairytale Dream Come True

We’re feeling like we have our very own fairy godmother right now because the latest live-action Cinderella trailer IS FINALLY HERE! Friends, it’s the stuff of dreams. There are gorgeous clocks striking midnight, pumpkin carriages, the handsomest of princes, and evil so chic it hurts. Watch the trailer and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about:



Let’s just go over all of the perfect fairytale moments one more time.


The Most Amazing Meet-Cute
Cinderella and Kit Meet Cute - 4
The smile. The eyes.


The Most Whimsical Country Villa
Cinderella's House
We would live here SO FAST. Seriously, where is this?


The Greatest Spinning Transformation
Cinderella Twirling
This is magic in visual form.


The Most Epic Carriage Arrival
Golden Carriage
This mode of transportation is solid gold, ladies and gents.


The Top Romance on the Dance Floor
Cinderella and Kit
Look at how he’s looking at her. LOOK AT IT.


The Most Dramatic Door Opening Ever
lady tremaine
No one in our lives opens a door like this and we feel like we’re missing out.


The #1 Evil Fashionista On Earth and Probably Other Planets Too
Lady Tremaine Evil
If our fairy tale has to have a villain, then let that villain be played by Cate Blanchett and let her be so intensely evil that we’re both terrified and in awe.


We can’t end on an evil note (no matter how fabulous), so here’s this one more time:
Cinderella and Kit


Cinderella opens in theaters March 13. What was your favorite part of the trailer?

Posted 6 years Ago
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