9 Things We Learned about Zootopia at the D23 Expo

Zootopia promises to be an unfurgettable film filled with magic and heart, but with a modern twist. Here’s what we learned about it at the D23 Expo:


1. Creators wanted Zootopia to be a little different from the familiar animal stories that we’ve come to love. That’s why the critters you’ll meet in this movie are anthropomorphic (walk on two feet) and whizzes at technology.
zootopia 02


2. Serious research went into bringing this vision to life — including field trips to Animal Kingdom and a wildlife reserve in Kenya.


3. Things got pretty wild for one filmmaker in particular during one of the safaris. Nate Warner, director of cinematography for layout, was bitten by an ostrich, nipped by a zebra, and clawed by a cheetah, earning him the nickname: “Nate the Bait.”
zootopia 06


4. One of the main goals for filmmakers in creating Zootopia was that it had to be a place that could accommodate animals of all shapes and sizes. Cars, newsstands, streets, public transportation, and homes had to fit the smallest shrews and the grandest elephants.


5. In addition to researching movement, behavior, and habitats, animators considered the tiniest of details, down to a single strand of polar bear fur. (Did you know: polar bear fur is actually clear?!)


6. As much as the Zootopia team wanted each character to be unique and fun, they also adhered to the idea that these animals had to reflect the traits of their real-life counterparts. Wildebeests that were initially conceptualized as Zootopia’s lawyers and businesspeople got demoted to average citizens once field studies showed they’re not the brightest of bulbs.
zootopia 01


7. Mega pop star Shakira will voice mega pop star Gazelle and sing “Try Everything” from the film’s soundtrack.
D23_Gazelle_Final copy

8. Ginnifer Goodwin, voice of protagonist Judy Hopps, is a self-diagnosed “Disney addict.” She is married to Once Upon a Time’s Prince Charming (on that show and in real life) and serendipitously bought a house that was previously owned by a Disney animator.


9.  The sloth scene will be your favorite part in the entire movie. Just trust us on this.
zootopia 07


What are you most excited to see when Zootopia comes out? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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