9 Secrets of Disney Pixar’s Campus

When it comes to work, Pixar Animation Studios has got that perk/life balance down pat. From toy-filled offices to an annual employee music festival, there’s plenty of jealousy-inducing stuff going on at the Emeryville lot. For your viewing/drooling pleasure, we got out our imaginary magnifying glass to take an even closer look at Pixar’s campus. Here’s what we discovered:


1. Super cool conference tables
Cars table at Pixar
The intersection of childhood and adulthood is a beautiful, magical place. Who knew conference table jealousy was a thing? #TableGoals #LifeGoals #ButReallyAllTheGoals


2. Super cool characters on the floor.
Woody tile in Brooklyn building at Pixar
It’s the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest, hootinest secret interior decor around! We are also convinced that these floor tiles come to life when the humans aren’t around.


3. Super cool characters on the windows.
Characters in glass at Pixar
Also, how is their glass so clean? Do people even work here? Is there such thing as a smudge at Pixar? Can Pixar do no wrong? Will we ever stop being in awe?


4. Super cool seagull on a rooftop.
Seagull on rooftop at Pixar
Probably making all the other Emeryville birds jealous of his regal glory.


5. Super cool chairs that once belonged to Walt Disney.
Walt Disney Chair at Pixar
Casual historical artifacts sitting around, being totally unassuming. No big deal, except to the rest of the whole entire world. Droooooool.


6. Super cool fresh herbs Pixar chefs pick and use daily.
Herb garden at Pixar
Chef Gusteau would be so proud. And yes, that is an employee basketball court in the background. But don’t worry, the employee beach volleyball court is just nearby, as is the employee swimming pool.


7. Super cool hidden lounge.
Brooklyn building at Pixar
What looks like a normal (well, actually awesome) lobby fireplace is actually…


…the Brooklyn Hearth Lounge/ode to baseball because it’s Pixar, so why not?
Hearth lounge at Pixar


And did we mention how super cool it looks?
Hearth lounge 2 at Pixar
We will never see fireplaces the same way. We can never look at life the same way.


8. Super cool community scooters.
Razor scooter at Pixar
For a movie studio that makes houses float, toys fly, cars talk, and one robot save all of humanity, we’d expect nothing less from their inner-office modes of transportation.


9. Super cool themed cubicles.
Taco stand at Pixar
Because who hasn’t ever dreamed of transforming their workspace into a fake taco stand with a dryer chair outside?


Like, super cool.
Up house at Pixar
Home sweet home sweet work, complete with a cute little porch and a couple of Dugs. Are you jealous yet?


What’s your favorite part of the Pixar campus? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 6 years Ago
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