Robert Downey Jr. Cheered Up a Young Fan in the Most Tigger-ific Way Possible

Has playing Iron Man for so many years turned Robert Downey Jr. into a real superhero? The Avengers: Age of Ultron star just really went out of his way to cheer up Daniel, a young Iron Man fan with cystic fibrosis.


After a tough day at school where a classmate told Daniel that “all children with CF [cystic fibrosis] die,” Daniel’s mom posted this Instagram.


So what did “Mr. Stark” do? He posted a photo in response, dressed up as the one and only Tigger. Citing the fact that dressing up as the Hundred Acre Wood’s most exuberant resident cheers him up, he took the post one step further by inviting Daniel to be his guest at the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.


Naturally, Daniel and his mom were both over the moon. Daniel is already worried about getting fitted for a tuxedo to feel “like a real star”.


Score one for the good guys, and we can’t wait to see Mr. Stark and Daniel at the premiere.

Posted 5 years Ago
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