The Top 15 Oh My Disney Articles of 2015

As December winds down and we reflect back on all the fun we’ve had this year, it becomes obvious that 2015 has been our *Rapunzel voice* BEST YEAR EVER. We’ve had a blast crafting Disney quizzes, writing articles, and creating original Disney art to fuel our obsessions over the last twelve months, and we’re grateful to all of you for hanging out with us through this roller coaster ride of internet magic. In celebration of 2015, here are our top 15 favorite articles from this year. Get ready to open up some new tabs to check these out!




1. Three Disney Movie Truths and a Lie
We present you with four facts about a Disney movie; your job is to tell us which one is a lie (and in doing so, claim Disney movie knowledge world domination)!


2. Guess the Disney Movie Quote from the Freeze Frame
This is what all your (hundred plus) viewings of Disney movies have been training you for. Are you so well-versed that you can match a freeze frame to the Disney quote?


3. Guess the Disney•Pixar Movie from the Concept Art
Disney•Pixar fans, this one’s for you. Think you can recognize your favorite characters and scenes long before their final render?


4. This Word Association Quiz Will Determine Which Disney Princess You Are
This Disney Princess quiz is simple and super fun. Just read the word and pick the picture below it that first catches your eye!


5. The Ultimate Classic Disney Song Lyrics Challenge
Basically everyone knows the lyrics to “Let It Go,” but only Disney fans who have a smile and a song in their hearts know all the words to the classics, from Snow White to Sleeping Beauty and beyond!




6. Disney Facts You Haven’t Fully Processed, Part 3
You loved part one and part two of this series, so we hit you with more of the mind-blowing realizations that keep Disney fans up at night.


7. 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Princess Movies
We rounded up some awesome, little-known facts about Disney Princesses that will make you appreciate these royally excellent films even more.


8. These Disney Facts Will Make You Feel Old, Part 3
While we’ll never really grow up on the inside, we can’t help but grow up on the outside! These Disney facts really drive home what a feat it is that we’ve stayed kids at heart. If you missed them, also check out part one and part two!


9. 21 Highly Relevant, Totally Legit Life Lessons from Disney Ladies
We all have plenty to learn from the Disney Princesses and all the Disney women who graced our screens as kids. Here are some of our favorite empowering messages from them.


10. What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You
Your favorite Disney Princess is basically the window to your soul. Deep self-knowledge awaits you if you follow this link.


11. 9 Charming Stories from the History of Disney
Some of the most delightful stories from the history of Disney actually took place in real life. These charming real-life anecdotes will make you believe in magic.




12. 6 Pieces of Eerily Realistic Disney Villains Artwork
We asked an artist to create some breathtaking portraits of what the Disney Villains would look like in real life. These are an absolute must-see.


13. The Disney Princesses Have Gone Totally Retro
Check out these adorable portraits of Disney Princesses reimagined as totally rad ladies of the ‘70s.


14. Graphing the Skills of Disney Men
Our extreme interest in the men of Disney inspired us to survey the population of Disney Princes, cataloging everything from their hair and eye colors to their usefulness on the battlefield.


15. The Periodic Table of Disney Will Make You Love Science
Science is awesome. Disney is awesome. The Periodic Table of Disney is extra double awesome.


From all of us at Oh My Disney, thanks for reading, commenting, and obsessing with us. You all have made 2015 so much fun, and we can’t wait to continue the party in 2016. Happy New Year!

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