This Guy is the Official Spanish Voice of Your Favorite Disney Attractions

Damas y caballeros! Niños y niñas! Ever wonder about the man behind the captivating, soothing, sometimes totally haunting voice of your favorite Disneyland and Disney California Adventure attractions? Well, now you know. Check out this great video of Fabio Rodriguez as he lays down some of his famous audio from The Haunted Mansion, World of Color, Disneyland Forever, and Pirates of the Caribbean. And—as if hearing his booming baritone pipes wasn’t satisfying enough—he throws in a spot-on Mickey impression at the end of it. Fabio, you’re our hero.

Speaking of heroes, who do we have to thank for this visual and auditory gift? Fabio’s son, photographer, Alex Stone. (Cue heart melting.) Alex not only did his dad a solid by capturing his mad skills, he did all of us one, too. Nice job, Stone! Gracias por siempre. 


Posted 4 years Ago
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