Witness True Friendship in this Exclusive Pete’s Dragon Clip

Every new look at the upcoming Pete’s Dragon (which is a reimagining of a classic film by the same name) has been even more impressive than the last. The recent trailer, for example, gave us a closer look at the relationship between the young protagonist Pete (portrayed by Oakes Fegley) and his dragon best friend Elliot. To add to that magic, we’ve got an exclusive clip to share, which focuses even closer on the duo’s relationship. Check it out below:

Seeing Pete completely trust his companion is simply heart-warming. Elliot’s camouflage skills are also pretty on point. Playing hide-and-seek with him looks like it would be near impossible. Director David Lowery also revealed a bit more about the setting, and how Pete wound up in the woods with Elliot.

According to Lowery, the film takes place in an unspecified time period (somewhere in the near past) in the Pacific Northwest. After being separated from his parents, Pete gets lost in the woods and meets Elliot. The film then picks up 8 years later, after the boy has been living in the woods with his new friend.

“It’s about his discovery of the world around him, and his gradual realization of where it is in that world that he belongs,” Lowery explained. Oakes Fegley (Pete) also added to our understanding of Pete:

According to the young actor, Pete was in a car accident at the beginning of his life, which resulted in his parent’s death. After meeting Elliot, his life changed completely.

As producer Jim Whitaker notes in the clip below, the the film is about  capturing what it would be like if you were able to go into the outdoors and live an adventurous life with your best friend who is completely there for you. He says, “the wonderment of that is very Disney and very powerful.”

After seeing the new footage, the wait for the film just got a lot harder.

Pete’s Dragon is set to release on August 12.

Posted 6 years Ago
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