5 Things We Learned from Mark Hamill’s Panel at Star Wars Celebration

When it comes to the cast of Star Wars, there’s really no bigger Star Wars fan than Mark Hamill himself.  Whether it’s it hilarious Instagram posts or dedication to events like Star Wars Celebration, it’s easy to forget that Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker, and not just another Star Wars fanatic like us. So, it was only fitting that Star Wars Celebration kick off with Luke Skywalker in a one-hour question and answer panel. Fans had the chance to ask Hamill all kinds of questions, and the answers were, of course, hilarious and heartfelt. Here are some of our favorite things we learned from Hamill:

1. Mark Hamill knew Star Wars toys were going to be big.

Star Wars Toys

A fan asked Hamill what his favorite Star Wars action figure was, and it turns out Hamill had a hunch that Star Wars memorabilia would be a hot collectors’ item. “I remember back when we were doing [A New Hope], I was reading this thing and I said, ‘This reads like a toy box! There’s exploding cars, and there’s fire swords, and robots,’” explained Hamill. Turns out, he got more than he bargained for when scores of Star Wars merchandise showed up at his home. In the end though, Hamill shared that he’s just as avid toy collector as we are, making us feel loads better about the amount of merchandise we just purchased at Celebration.

2. The secrecy on set can sometimes be a challenge.

Hamill agreed that the secrecy surrounding production is for the fans’ benefits. You want to be surprised right? But, the hardest part for him though is just remembering what number he is on the call sheet. “You get call sheets and there’s no name! Everybody’s got a number. You know, you’re number 11, you’re 33. You looking at the call sheets and wondering who’s working today, and go ‘Oh, I love 22’s work.  She’s twice as good as 11.’”

3. Swinging around on the Sail Barge Set in Return of the Jedi is his favorite scene of all time.

In Return of the Jedi, Luke and Leia grab a rope and swing to safety. (Echoing a similar, equally ironic moment in the original film.) Turns out that particular scene is the one Hamill is most fond of in the series, and it only took one take! In fact, Hamill was so disappointed that it only took one take, the stunt team allowed Hamill to fly around the set in his harness until George Lucas suggested he come down.

4. Get ready for some new catchphrases in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Luke Skywalker Force Awakens

Star Wars is known for its memorable dialogue. Can you imagine not having quotes like, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for?” According to Hamill, it sounds like we’ll have some more quotables coming out of Episode VIII. “I was looping Episode VIII yesterday and the dialogue in there and I was like,  ‘Oh boy, I can already see this on a t-shirt.’”

5. Mark Hamill was a fan of Luke Skywalker’s original name.

Before he was a Skywalker, Luke’s last name was actually Starkiller. (This was later referenced in last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with the name of the First Order’s snowy, Death Star-like planet operation, known as Starkiller Base.) Along the way, the name changed, and Hamill was definitely disappointed. “You know what’s like, you get used to a name. I’m Luke Starkiller, that’s what I know… [And I was like] Luke Skywalker?! It sounds like Luke Flyswatter.”

Posted 4 years Ago
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