We’re Live Blogging the Moana Panel at San Diego Comic Con!

San Diego Comic Con is upon us, and one of the most exciting panels of the entire convention is also one of the first–Moana: Art of Story, which will take you behind-the-scenes of the hotly anticipated Walt Disney Animation Studios feature (out this November), about a headstrong young wayfarer who heads out to the open ocean to help save her island. The panel will feature directors John Musker and Ron Clements and a very special guest, and we’ll be live-blogging it right here. It’s going to be magical.

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:29 pm

That’s a wrap for Moana! Thanks for following along with me! If you see the Coca-Cola I left in the front row, please return it to the nearest recycling bin! 

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:27 pm

“His comic timing is impeccable, he’s able to go to the more moving moments readily, and he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with.” – Osnat 

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:26 pm

Ron reveals that Dwayne Johnson sings in Moana!

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:26 pm

“From the day I started on this movie, I wanted to see Dwayne as Maui.” – Osnat 

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:25 pm

“As a teen, I know it’s not just girls trying to find themselves.” – Auli’i

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:25 pm

“I think she’s going to be a fantastic role model for young girls. I think it’s a great message for young women.” – John 

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:24 pm

“I would say this is an adventure movie. Moana is going on a hero’s journey. She’s very much a hero.” – Ron responds to the woman 

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:24 pm

“You’re the reason our childhood was made. I named my daughter Ariel. What did you want to bring to this character? What do you want little girls to look up to?” – a woman in the audience. The crowd awwwws.

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:22 pm

A little girl asks if Auli’i had ever been to Disneyland. She responded that she just went to Disneyland for the first time four months ago. Cuteness overload.  

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:20 pm

“Working with Auli’i, working with Dwayne, getting to know that culture, which we hope this movie will bring to greater appreciation around the world.” – John on what makes the movie so special.

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:19 pm

“After watching that, I knew I was a part of something really special.” – Auli’i

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:18 pm

People really loved the footage (if you were at D23 Expo last summer, you remember how adorable and moving it was).

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:16 pm

One more clip: “There is a sequence, storyboarded by Chris Williams [director of Big Hero 6], of Moana’s first meeting with the ocean” – John

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:15 pm

A second (incredibly charming) clip is playing, as Moana meets Maui (voiced, peerlessly, by Dwayne Johnson). 

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:13 pm

Different members of the production team are telling the story of Moana. They’re all wonderful storytellers in their own right. 

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:12 pm

The opening was incredible! Lays the basic groundwork of the story and Moana’s epic journey. Plus, Maui transforming into lots of cool animals.

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:07 pm

The opening three minutes of the film is being revealed.

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:06 pm

Auli’i introduces a clip from the film. She makes sure the audience is REALLY interested in seeing it.  

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:06 pm

“She is fearless and has this great spirit about her, and she really infused that into the character.” – Ron on Auli’i

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:04 pm

“I think you can tell, just by listening to them, that they speak over each other. They’re amazing. You can tell how on-point they are.” – Auli’i

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:03 pm

“She’s empowering, she’s empowered, and as a teen I can relate with trying to find yourself. I really love her.” – Auli’i

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:03 pm

Auli’i takes a selfie with the audience. Adorable.

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:02 pm

Auli’i Cravalho, who voices Moana, is here! 

Drew Taylor July 21, 20161:00 pm

Now it’s time for Moana. It was a very difficult challenging casting her. Osnat said they looked everywhere to find her.

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:59 pm

Jared Bush describing the evolution of Hei Hei: he started out as a jerk and then he became very, very stupid.

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:56 pm

“We don’t just have humans, we also have animals. I’m not really into talking animals.” – Jared Bush, co-director of Zootopia

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:56 pm

Everyone wanted to work on mini-Maui because it meant working with Eric Goldberg.

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:55 pm

“Mini-Maui is sort of a tattoo that can animate on Maui. And this work you’re looking at right now is the work of Eric Goldberg.” – John. (Eric gets huge applause!) 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:54 pm

Some new footage of Maui is showing. This character is truly something else. 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:53 pm

“Its a huge collaboration,” animator Amy Smeed says of creating the characters. “We had tons of challenges. We had these unique transformations. And we had the water, which is really a character.” 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:52 pm

“Maui is a pan-Pacific character, and we wanted a powerful, God-like figure. He’s covered in tattoos that tell of his exploits. So when he wants to tell you a story, he can turn. He can literally give you his backstory. I want that joke in the movie!” – John 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:51 pm

“Moana’s father believes no one should go beyond the reef. And this is a problem for Moana.” – Ron, explaining the story of Moana

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:50 pm

“From what we learned, an interesting fact is that these amazing voyages stopped for a thousand years. And nobody knows why. About 2,000 years ago, they started back up again. It’s an oral culture, nothing was written down, and there are a lot of theories as to why it stopped and started back up again. And this is our theory.” – Ron 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:49 pm

“Having seen how important navigation was to them, that’s what we built the story around.” – John, explaining how they cracked the story. 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:48 pm

“Two and a half weeks of animation left.” – Osnat. It’s almost done! 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:48 pm

“Disney is a filmmaker-driven studio. These guys spent this time building the framework for this story they want to tell. After they’ve taken an awesome trip to the South Pacific, they bring the writer into Burbank. But once you’re there, as a group, it’s a super collaborative place, it’s much more like a TV writer’s room where you’re together with your filmmakers, story artists, head of story, and as a group we tried to figure out what we want this story to say and who do we want to say it? Then for months and months and years, you’re building that story. I’ve only been on the story for a year and just in that one year, I have 700 drafts of this movie. And that’s a true number.” – Moana writer Jared Bush 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:46 pm

The music from the trailer was created on their first research trip. “Lin mentioned this obscure musical he was working on,” John said. “Good luck with that,” Ron added. Lin then won a dance contest. These are the true stories of Moana

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:45 pm

“We brought together the most amazing musical team, starting with Opetaia Foa’i, who has helped us bring together our music, along with Mark Mancina, who is also responsible for the score as well. And for us, the third member of the team is Lin-Manuel Miranda” – Osnat. CUE APPLAUSE.  

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:43 pm

Osnat Shurer, producer, explains how important the music is to Moana

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:42 pm

“It changed us in so many ways. We learned about the history of navigation, we learned about their connection to the ocean, we heard phrases like ‘know your mountain.’ Your mountain is basically everything that came before you, and if you don’t know what came before you, you don’t know who you are. We felt like so much of this we wanted to put in the movie.” – Ron explains how the research trip changed him 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:41 pm

Every time Lin Manuel Miranda pops up in this behind-the-scenes footage, the crowd responds enthusiastically. 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:40 pm

The footage of the production’s research is absolutely stunning. 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:39 pm

“It was a two week trip, and we met navigators and chiefs and experts and we just talked to people about what it was like to grow up on an island. We came away so inspired by all of these wonderful people we met. There were so many things we felt needed to be in the movie. And the next trip we brought more of our artists and musical team.” – Ron continues the explanation 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:38 pm

“It was about five years ago. We have been working on this for a while. And after Princess and the Frog we were trying to think of another animated film. The world of the South Pacific was so intriguing. It seemed like a real draw to me. It lead me to read Polynesian mythology and it was such a rich vein of storytelling to me, in particular Maui. It seemed ideal, to me, for animation. I mentioned it to Ron, and we fashioned a story that we pitched to John Lasseter. John loved the area of the whole South Pacific, but he said, ‘you’ve got to do more research.’ So we were forced, forced I tell you, to go on a research trip to the South Pacific!” – John explains the inspiration for Moana

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:36 pm

Ron Clements and John Musker are in the building! People are going nuts. 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:36 pm

This highlight reel celebrating Ron Clements and John Musker is bringing down the house! A lot of Great Mouse Detective fans in the audience! 

Drew Taylor July 21, 201612:31 pm

Panel is starting with the amazing Moana trailer.

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