There’s a Secret Ratatouille Reference and More You Didn’t Know About in UP!

It’s no secret, the folks at Disney•Pixar LOVE hiding references in their films. From the classic A113, to the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story, there’s always a fun easter egg to find. In fact, many of them are so well hidden that it often takes years for fans to find them. Today, a Reddit user reported on the Ratatouille Easter egg he discovered in UP. He noticed that Carl and Charles Muntz were served the very same seared scallops dish that was shown a number of times in Ratatouille.

As fans of Easter eggs and all things Disney, we’ve made it our mission to get to the bottom of the secret. The result? It’s 100% true! But that’s not all, we also learned several other things from our friends at Disney•Pixar. Keep on reading to find out more:

  1. The ice cream parlor seen in UP is named after and based on a real place called Fenton’s Creamery, which is located in Oakland, California.
  2. If you look closely at Ellie and Carl’s ticket to Venezuela, you’ll notice the numbers: 2319. Sound familiar? It should because it also appears in Monsters, Inc. For those who don’t remember, the same digits show up as an alert when George Sanderson has a kid’s sock on his back!
  3. During the famous sequence where Carl’s house leaves the ground for the first time, the Luxo Jr. ball makes a brief cameo. It can be seen in a little girl’s bedroom as the house passes by. But that’s not all. The ball also makes an appearance as one of Russell’s merit badges.
  4. Just in case you haven’t already found it, the Pizza Planet truck can be seen in two places: at an intersection as Carl’s house floats over the town, and in the Fenton’s Creamery parking lot at the end of the film.
  5. As for the famous A113 (which is a reference to Brad Bird and John Lasseter’s former CalArts classroom), it shows up as the number of the courtroom Carl is  in at the beginning of the film.
  6. Ellie is named after and voiced by director Pete Docter’s daughter, Elizabeth. Bonus fact: a few of the images in the Adventure Book were drawn by her.
  7. Dug was voiced by the co-director of the film, Bob Peterson, while a few of the bird noises (from Kevin) came from Pete Docter.

Which fact was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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