We Played Disney Emoji Blitz for Hours and Here’s What Happened

Disney’s new game, Disney Emoji Blitz, came out a few weeks ago and I cannot stop playing it. Not only can I not stop playing it, but my friends are hooked too. The added bonus to this game is that you actually win something useful: Disney emojis. Yes, I did say Disney emojis. Here’s what happened when I played Disney Emoji Blitz for hours (probably too many hours):

  1. I’m going to try this game, it looks like fun.
  2. This is so cute.
  4. I have a Disney emoji keyboard now. Sweet.
  5. I need to take a break from work. I’m going to play one quick game.
  6. 10 games later …
  7. “I must win more coins!”
  8. I am so close to getting a silver box!
  9. There is a free prize everyday!
  10. Blitz mode! YES!!! Go, go, go!
  11. Mickey’s special power makes fireworks on the screen–how cool is that?!Mickey Disney Emoji Blitz
  12. AH! They all have a special power.
  13. I got Mike Wazwoski! Yes!Mike Disney Emoji Blitz
  14. Challenge: Collect the Disney Parks food emojis to earn them on your keyboard. This game totally gets me.
  15. I just won a Dole whip emoji–I needed this in my life.Dole Whip Disney Emoji Blitz
  16. Must. win. all. the. emojis.
  17. These emojis are so cute! (insert heart-eyes Minnie Mouse emoji here)
  18. Stayed up too late … fell asleep with phone in hand.
  19. Playing one game (a.k.a. six) before getting out of bed to get ready for work.
  20. Pitching this article at our editorial meeting.
  21. Article approved. Now I have an excuse to play longer.
  22. Playing game during all of one hour lunch break. This game is too much fun.
  23. Oh look! My friend sent me a Disney emoji from the game!

After making the sacrifice of playing many hours of this game I have come to the conclusion that: I love it. I suggest downloading the app and sharing it with your friends.

Posted 4 years Ago
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