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There is No Need For Words Anymore, Just Use These Adorable Disney Stickers!

Today is the launch of Disney Stickers, a series of sticker packs that enable Apple users to enhance their iMessage communications with Disney characters and props. Amp up a vacation photo with a sticker from Lilo & Stitch; share your excitement for the weekend with a sticker of Joy from Inside Out; or celebrate epic teamwork through a Han and Chewie sticker from Star Wars —  Disney Stickers convey everyday emotions and expressions that are better said with visuals than words. Our personal favorites? It’s a three-way tie between Gerald with his pail, Dug’s tummy grumbling, and Marie saying “No.”

Here’s a look at all of them (they’ll animate when you’re using them through the powers of technology):

Disney Stickers from favorite Disney franchises and characters, include:

Disney Stickers: Mickey & Friends

Disney Stickers: Princess

Disney Stickers: Finding Dory

Disney Stickers: Frozen

Disney Stickers: The Lion King

Disney Stickers: Cats and Dogs

Disney Stickers: Stitch

Disney Stickers: Zootopia

Disney Stickers: Beauty and the Beast

Disney Stickers: Inside Out

Star Wars Stickers

Each Disney Stickers pack includes 21 stickers and costs $1.99. Disney Stickers packs are available now for download globally in most countries through the App Store for iMessage. New packs featuring additional characters and art will launch throughout the year.

BRB, texting everyone.

Posted 4 years Ago
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