These Before-and-After Beauty and the Beast Images Will Melt Your Heart

This week, as part of the 25th anniversary celebration, the Walt Disney Signature Collection Edition of Beauty and the Beast is now available to own on Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere, and  Blu-ray. The release will give you the opportunity to relive one of your favorite animated films in a number of new and exciting ways (including features that allow you to choose the regular theatrical cut, extended edition with “Human Again,” or a sing-along version). You can also travel behind the scenes of the film with a number of fascinating featurettes and documentaries.

One of the greatest aspects of these features is the ability to glimpse what the film looked like before it was the Academy Award-winning masterpiece that we all know and love, like in the amazing pre-production artwork below, which  we’ve exhibited on top of the movie’s final frames. Drag or swipe to enjoy and see the changes between them. Remember to check out all of the goodies on the Beauty and the Beast Walt Disney Signature Collection Edition right now.

Lumiere nudges Cogsworth.

Lumiere in “Be Our Guest.”

Gaston lifts the triplets.

Gaston admires his reflection.


Birds rest on Beast.

Belle’s cottage.

Teatime with Belle.

Belle says “hi” to the man with the hat.

Belle returns her book.

Belle reading.

Belle on horseback.

Belle in the town library.

Belle character art.

Belle approaches the castle.

Belle and Beast sit on the terrace.

Beast growls.

Belle and the townspeople.

Belle and Beast walk to the terrace.

Belle and Beast feed the birds.

Beast scowls.

Beast looks at the rose.

Beast turns to Belle.

Castle Upshot Art

Beast’s castle.

Gaston Tavern Art

Gaston’s favorite tavern.

Maurice Castle Art

Maurice approaches the castle.

Belle Bedroom Art

Belle’s bedroom.

Belle Stairs Art

Belle descends the stairs.

Gaston in Town Art

Gaston addresses the crowd.

Get the 25th anniversary edition of Beauty and the Beast on Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere, and Blu-ray right now.

Posted 5 years Ago
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