5 Reasons You Need These NYCC-Exclusive Golden Girls Figures

One of the very best things about New York Comic Con is the opportunity to grab exclusive products from all of the vendors. And at this year’s NYCC, which takes place on October 6 – October 9 at the Javits Center in midtown Manhattan, there’s an item that will have you buying a plane ticket even if you weren’t planning on attending. And that item is an exclusive collection of Funko ReAction Figures based on … The Golden Girls. These can be found at the Funko booth during the convention, so be prepared to wait in line (they are a convention favorite). You’ll be rewarded for your patience. How? See below:

Golden Girls Figures

Yep, we told you that you needed these. As if you needed any other reason to snag this incredibly charming set of figures, here are five of them:

1. They are so lifelike we can practically hear the casual insults.

2. Looking at the figures reminds us to watch our favorite episodes.

3. It will be fun to answer, “What are you excited about snagging at NYCC?” With, “Golden Girls Funko figures, of course.”

4. Building a similarly detailed house for them to live in will be a great fall project.

5. Glancing at them will instill virtues of empowerment, aging gracefully, and circa-1980’s Miami style.

Posted 5 years Ago
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