Meet the World’s Biggest Tsum Tsum Fan

After hours of being on the internet we stumbled upon an incredible Instagram account of a huge Tsum Tsum fan. She may even be the world’s biggest Tsum Tsum fan. Seriously, this account is so cute it’s pure Tsum Tsum heaven. She even has an amazing Tsum Tsum wall that’s color coordinated! After seeing her adorable collection, we asked to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about her love for Tsum Tsum. Here’s what she had to say:

What first drew you to collecting Tsum Tsum?

“I first discovered Tsum Tsum browsing through eBay one day.  I was looking for curious oyster plush toys [from Alice in Wonderland] and stumbled upon the most adorable little toy I had ever seen. It was the curious oyster Tsum Tsum. I did a little more research and found out these little guys were called Tsum Tsum, but were only available in Japan. In a matter of two months Tsum Tsum were announced to release in the US and I was beyond ecstatic. The rest is history.”

According to Noel’s instagram her collection started with Lady from Lady and the Tramp:

How Many Tsum Tsum do you have? Do you have a favorite?

“I have approximately 600 Tsum Tsum and my favorite has to be Minnie Mouse in her hot pink skirt from the Osaka Abeno set which is a Japan exclusive. ”

Have you seen “Tsum Tsum Kingdom”?

I have seen Tsum Tsum Kingdom on youtube and love all the videos!

Enjoy the latest episode of “Tsum Tsum Kingdom”! 

What do you think your Tsum Tsum do when you’re not in the room?

They like to hang out in their little pool and host Tsum Tsum parties!

Do you prefer to stack them by color or by movie?

Color for sure! My current “tsumbow” [Tsum Tsum rainbow] is my favorite stack yet!

What do your friends and family think of your collection?

They are all super involved as well!  For a while I had my boyfriend picking up Tsum Tsum for me every Tsum Tsum Tuesday because I would always be at work.  When designing my current Tsum Tsum wall frame, my grandpa helped me brainstorm a bunch of cool display designs. Once I decided on a final frame layout, my dad and I actually built the frame from scratch.

Noel says that thanks to Tsum Tsum she has met many collectors from around the world. She loves the community she’s built through her Instagram account. With nearly seven thousand followers, Noel enjoys the enthusiasm and positive feedback she receives from her fellow Tsum fans. And we can see why! Look how cute her Tsum Tsum are:

To see more of Noel’s collection you can follow her on Instagram at @noel_tsum.

What is your favorite Tsum Tsum in Noel’s collection? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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