9 Fun Finding Dory Facts and Easter Eggs You Probably Didn’t Notice

Finding Dory is finally out on Blu-ray (and has been available on Disney Movies Anywhere) and what better way to celebrate than showcasing our Dory fandom with some fun facts? If you remember, we compiled a list of things you might not have known about the film back when it first hit theaters. Now it’s time to dive back in:

1. Hank has something surprising in common with a Star Wars character.

Hank points to Dory in Finding Dory

The film? Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Yes, despite releasing before Finding Dory, some of the technical ideas that shaped Hank’s existence were utilized on the tentacle predator Rathtar in Episode VII.

2. There are two references to a particular Disney•Pixar short hidden in the film.


As has become custom with the studio, animators have planted an easter egg for one of their other works in the film. While there may be more, this one in particular is a nod to “Lava.” In addition to the refrigerator in the Marine Life Institute quarantine office sporting a “Lava” magnet, the MLI gift shop sells “Lava” t-shirts!

3. A character from Inside Out also makes an appearance.


Speaking of hidden references, Riley also makes a cameo in the film! She appears in a crowd of kids touring the Marine Life Institute, and is clearly featured in a frame with Dory.

4. There is a nod to a special Pixar building.


There’s another Pixar reference at the Marine Life Institute. Outside the administrative office is a poster depicting construction images of the Steve Jobs Building, which is located at Pixar’s Emeryville, CA campus.

5. Nearly 300,000 characters were added to the film.


That’s 249,543 characters to be exact. Of that massive number, an average of 1,727 characters were featured in shots that had crowds. How’s that for a Disney by-the-numbers fact?

6. John Ratzenberger voices a secret character in the film.


The actor, who is featured in almost every Pixar film, lends his voice to Bill, a grass-clipping crab that Dory encounters in the movie.

7. One of the artists appears as an Easter egg.

Crowds technical artist Paul Kanyuk can be seen pushing a stroller around the Marine Life Institute in the scene where Hank and Dory are navigating the park in their own stroller. Hint: he’s the one with the beard.

8. Hank’s habitat was covered in a specific material to prevent escape.

Dory and Hank in Finding Dory

When the team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium were looking for a solution for the escape-prone septapus–whose tentacles can stick to almost anything–they settled on the one material he couldn’t stick to: AstroTurf. Who knew?

9. One of the artists kept a stinky plant in the office for inspiration.


Sometimes making authentic-looking art comes at a price. The shading artist responsible for making the film’s kelp look realistic kept an actual kelp plant in the office for months. According to our friends at Pixar, the smell was reportedly “not good.”

Finding Dory is now available on Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere.

What was your favorite fact? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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