Here’s Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hilarious Reference to The Little Mermaid in Moana

If you haven’t yet seen Moana please stop reading this post now, as there are spoilers ahead. We repeat: Go on at your own risk, there will. be. spoilers.

Okay, if you’re still here you’ve seen Moana and inevitably love everything about it,;perhaps especially the music written by none other than Hamilton creator, writer, and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

What you might not know is that Miranda’s favorite film is The Little Mermaid, also directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. He referenced it multiple times during this year’s Moana press tour, telling GMA, “I must’ve seen that thing three times in the theaters … I remember calling in sick from school on the day it came out on VHS — so that I could be the first to get it.” Famous composers, they’re just like us.

When Walt Disney Animation Studios released the full clip of “Shiny” earlier this week, the scene-stealing song sung by coconut crab, Tamatoa (voice of Jemaine Clement), Miranda tweeted this insight:

Clearly, writing a song for a singing Disney crab was a dream come true for Miranda, and if you stuck around after the end credits of the film you’ll know that the connection to Sebastian goes slightly deeper. (If you haven’t seen it: Tamatoa tells the audience they’d like him better if were red and named Sebastian.)

Our new secret wish is for a buddy comedy starring the two of them. We can dream.

Here’s “Shiny” for your viewing pleasure because it’s just really great and we can’t think of a better way to end this article:




Posted 4 years Ago
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