9 Times We Got Chills During the New Video From Beauty and the Beast

We could actually list a hundred times we got chills during the newest look at the live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which just aired during the Golden Globes tonight, but we’ll keep it to our top nine. It was just so enchanting and magical and, in a word, everything! If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look:

And now that we’re all sobbing with joy, let’s break down the times that we were completely moved by this gorgeous clip:

1. Beast’s castle with snow.

We’ve seen it before in the teaser trailer, but it gets us every time. It’s as if our childhood itself was in that iconic look at the snowy castle. If you want additional chills, go ahead and re-watch the teaser trailer. We just did and it made us cry with joy all over again.

2. The first moment we hear Emma Watson singing as Belle.

We were treated to a sound clip of Watson singing “Something There” last week, and now we get to hear even more of Belle’s voice coming to life. It’s so exciting, and beautiful!

3. The first moment we see Belle enter the castle and she says, “Hello?”

It’s such an iconic moment when everything will change for Belle, Beast, and the whole castle. It represents her bravery and spirit, and we will never not have chills after seeing it.

4. The iconic rose, and Beast’s hand on the glass.

Just before this moment, we see a brief glimpse of Beast standing in front of the rose. It’s so sad and beautiful, and perfectly contrasted with the image of Belle’s entrance into the castle.

5. Belle on the grassy hill singing.

No words. Just tears of joy. And endless, endless chills.

6. Beast and Belle in the snow.

It’s one of our favorite moments from the animated classic come to life and it brings us all of the feelings.

7. Lumiere saying, “What if she is the one?”

We see Lumiere and Cogsworth, and then a look at Chip, and we just love them so much!

8. Gaston and LeFou surrounded by townspeople with torches.

So foreboding, and equally beautiful and chilling.

9. The last montage as Belle sings, “I want so much more than they’ve got planned.”

Lumiere dancing, Belle and Beast in the iconic ballroom scene, Mrs. Potts, Belle in a window, and finally Beast jumping onto a tower of his castle—all images that had us completely and utterly enchanted.

In addition to this new clip, earlier today we also got a look at the brand new Beauty and the Beast poster, featuring all of the characters:

Beauty and the Beast Live-Action Poster

It’s so gorgeous we have been staring at it all day. It’s safe to say that fans of Beauty and the Beast absolutely cannot wait until the movie hits theaters on March 17.

What did you think was the most enchanting part of the new Beauty and the Beast trailer? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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