Everything You Need to Know About Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

When we heard that there would be a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction in Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort, we were beyond excited. We love the characters and universe of Guardians of the Galaxy and we can’t wait to experience it in person! Recently, Oh My Disney was invited to Disney California Adventure for a sneak peek of the attraction, called Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! We were treated to a first-hand look at the story the attraction will tell, as well as a walkthrough tour! We are now more amped than ever for this ride!

Here are 11 things you didn’t already know (and need to know) about Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

1) The ride is an expansion of the universe, not a re-telling of the movie.

The legendary Joe Rohde (Portfolio Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering) was on hand to give us some insight into the story behind the attraction. You should definitely not expect a “book report” on the film—the ride is its own story that expands on the comic book and film universe we already know and love.

The whole experience is part of that Guardians of the Galaxy Universe, from the marquee, to the queue, to the shop at the end of the ride. We also got some insight into the premise of the ride. The building itself is a fortress, inside which there is a collection by the Collector, Taneleer Tivan, who collects rare things. Among his collection? The Guardians themselves!

2) The building and interiors look like they are straight out of Guardians of the Galaxy.


The building is a mix of shiny and ostentatious (since it is housing the collection of an extravagant character) and materials that seem “a little grungier, a little grimier.” The Walt Disney Imagineers want to evoke a “sense of richness. The Collector is an arrogant, proud, glitzy figure,” said Rohde. All of the props and mechanical-like exteriors of the building are currently being produced. The building is meant to look like it consumes a huge amount of energy, and based on the models, sketches, and props we got a peek at, it is certainly going to shape up that way!

3) The story revolves around an “inside job” where the guests are participants.

Since the Guardians are trapped in this collection, it is up to Rocket to figure out a way to break them out (with a little help from us, of course!) by shutting down the power to the building. We can only imagine the chaos that will ensue once the power is off and items (and creatures) in the collection get loose!

4) There will be many Easter eggs for fans to discover!

Guests will be walking through Tivan’s collection as they make their way through the queue. Within the collection itself, there will be items connected to other parts of the Universe—and even our own reality! Die-hard comic book fans will definitely enjoy seeing details and Easter eggs that nod to the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. Some Easter eggs are even going to be items that haven’t even been seen in films or TV yet, so they will slowly reveal themselves to us as the film and TV universe continues to expand! The collection inside may change periodically, so keep an eye out for new additions each time you visit Disney California Adventure.


5) The queue will inform the story, so pay attention!

The story begins before you even enter the ride, with the marquee, which Rocket has changed to reflect the situation indoors. Throughout the queue there will be painted messages to guests from Rocket, so be sure to look out for those. It will all be part of shaping the experience and the story of the ride itself!

6) The story will still make sense even if you haven’t seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

This is important to the ride’s creators. Rohde says:

“I never assume a single guest coming through the door knows a thing.”

Based on what we heard, we have no doubt that this will be a crowd-pleaser regardless of your knowledge of the Guardians of the Galaxy Universe.

7) The whole ride is set to an amazing soundtrack!

Music is going to play a huge role in setting the tone for the ride. According to Rohde:

“You need music that is exactly like everything else: fast, dynamic, a lot of movement.”

The experience will be set to the tune of music inspired by the popular film soundtrack. The music will even keep playing as you exit the ride!

8) The experience of the ride could be totally different every time you ride it!

Rohde said, “This is a comedy, action-adventure, prison-break farce.” There are also multiple ride profiles, meaning that every time you ride the ride, you may be getting a different experience!

9) It will be funny and irreverent, just like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Says Rohde:

“It’s funny, it’s fast, it comes at you kind of sideways, the characters are super unusual, and inherent in here is a ride system that really can participate in that spirit. The ride system is capable of more excitement, more dynamics, more movement, more disruption, than we have used to date.”

Sounds incredible!

10) All the Cast Members will be in on the story.

We won’t reveal how, because it’s too fun to spoil, but even the gift shop will be part of the story!

11) Walt Disney Imagineers are already riding an early test version of the ride and loving it!

Their excitement was truly contagious. We are so excited for our chance to ride this!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! is now open at Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort!

Posted 5 years Ago
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