Enchanting New Beauty and the Beast Experiences Are Coming to Disneyland

With the upcoming release of the live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast on our minds at all times, and the animated classic Beauty and the Beast in our hearts forever, it’s safe to say that we are full on superfans of the tale as old as time. We seriously cannot get enough of it. Lucky for us, there will be more ways to experience the beloved animated classic, at one of our favorite places in the world, Disneyland.

Fantasyland in Disneyland will soon have special experiences that celebrate the animated classic Beauty and the Beast, and they sound absolutely amazing. Here’s a breakdown of all of the magic:

Red Rose Taverne

The Village Haus Restaurant will soon be transformed into a French taverne, complete with gorgeous murals of scenes from the animated classic. Each room of the taverne will tell a different part of the story of Belle and Beast. We’re already planning a million Instagram posts to commemorate this occasion. The food will also be French taverne-inspired, along with signature beverages. And the Grey Stuff will be on the menu! The Grey Stuff, everyone! We’re 100% certain it’s going to be delicious!

Royal Reception

This shop near the Red Rose Taverne is where you’ll find us, collecting all the keepsakes and apparel we can from the animated classic and the live-action retelling of Beauty an the Beast.

That Gaston

Oh, Gaston. What a guy. He’ll be wandering around Fantasyland and we’ll be on the look out for him. Okay, he probably won’t be wandering. He’ll be strutting and showing off, like the Gaston we know and love.

Maurice’s Treats

Did we mention how excited we were to try the Grey Stuff at Red Rose Taverne? Well, we’ll also get an opportunity to try a Grey Stuff dipping sauce at Maurice’s Treats! The twists at this location will be served with other dipping sauce options as well, including marinara and strawberry. Don’t mind if we do.

The Royal Theatre Presents Beauty and the Beast

Our friends Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones will be presenting their take on the tale of Beauty and the Beast and we’ll be in the front row. The Royal Theatre is one of our favorites and this is sure to be an amazing performance!

We cannot wait for these new experiences at Disneyland! Any chance to relive the animated classic Beauty and the Beast is a dream come true. How about you? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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