See the Cast of Beauty and the Beast Discuss What the Story Means to Them in This Behind-the-Scenes Video

We are constantly looking out for news about the upcoming live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast, because we can’t get enough. From new images, to cast Instagram takeovers, to the gorgeous songs by Ariana Grande and John Legend, as well as Josh Groban, every piece of new information is bringing us closer to experiencing the film on March 17. Today is yet another great day for enchanting news, as we were gifted a behind-the-scenes video of the cast and director Bill Condon taking about what the story of Beauty and the Beast means to them in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. This is proof that the creative team and cast truly believe in the power of the tale as old as time as much as we do. Take a look:

Thoughts we had during this amazing behind-the-scenes video:

We Can Relate to Their Feelings

In the video, Emma Watson, who plays Belle, begins with saying: “I have loved Beauty and the Beast since I was about four years old.” So have we, Emma! Dan Stevens also said he’s probably seen the movie thousands of times. We can relate. We’ve decided that we’re basically BFF with Emma and Dan because we know exactly how they feel.

Belle is a True Hero

Director Bill Condon states that the retelling is “this great opportunity to tell it in a live-action fully photo real version and distingue Belle again 25 years later as a 21st Century heroine.” We could not agree more. Belle will always be one of our favorite heroines in Disney history, and we can’t wait to experience her journey in a whole new way.

The Cast is Perfection

You can tell from this video that every member of the cast is absolutely enchanted and excited to be a part of the film. Emma Watson said of the story, “When you love something that much, you really want to do it justice.” Josh Gad, who plays LeFou, added, “It was something that we all knew we had to live up to.” Ewan McGregor, who plays Lumiere, also seemed excited about his fellow cast mates by saying, “It feels really good to be in this group of actors. It’s an amazing cast.” And perhaps one of our favorite quotes came from Sir Ian McKellen, who plays Cogsworth, saying that “It was enormously exciting to see so many people concentrated on creating magic that will endure.” We are certain that the magic will endure!

It’s Going to Be Epic

Luke Evans, who plays Gaston, said in the video that the live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast “will remind you of all the beauty of the original,” and Emma Watson continued, “but also expand on it and give it more detail and more depth.” Finally Josh Gad hit us all in the hearts by saying, “This version of Beauty and the Beast will define a whole new generation in a wonderful way.” We have no doubt about that.

On a scale of one to ten, our excitement for the live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast is at about a million. It’s gems like this behind-the-scenes video that give us life as we count down the days to March 17.

Posted 1 year Ago
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