Once Upon a Time Creators Tease Pinocchio’s Return, Old Hook, and the Musical Episode

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday night after an excruciating hiatus which left us with many questions including, WILL EMMA AND HOOK EVER GET TO BE HAPPY?

In case you’re in need of a quick refresher, when we last left Regina and Emma, they were about to use a magic bean to return from the Wish Realm to Storybrooke, until Robin Hood appeared causing Regina to pause and the portal to close.

Back in Storybrooke, Gideon was revealed to be Belle and Gold’s son, and he is not happy. Remember, he is the one who’s prophesized to kill the savior.

We were lucky enough to get on the phone with Once creators Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to chat about what we can expect from Sunday’s midseason premiere, as well as the rest of this season.


Oh My Disney: How is the Wish Realm story going to continue?

EK: There is a lot going on and we pretty much pick up right where we left off in the winter finale. The first mission is: How the heck are we gonna get back home? Now that Robin Hood’s back that puts a big wrench into the plans of “let’s get out right now.” [Emma and Regina] are on the run from their son.

Oh My Disney: That’s right. Henry saw Regina kill Wish Realm Snow and Charming. He’s out for revenge.

EK: It’s going to be a complicated, messy affair.

Oh My Disney: Are we going to encounter anyone from the past in the Wish Realm?

EK: Right off the back we’ll be seeing some other familiar faces that haven’t been on this show for some time. Pinocchio-on-Once-Upon-a-Time

AH: We’re going to be seeing Pinocchio; August. As you remember, this Wish Realm is what would have happened if the curse never happened. So people age. We are going to see what a very old Hook looks like. And it’s not just what would have happened if the curse wasn’t cast, it’s also kind of the worst-case-scenario in a “be careful what you wish for” story. So Emma’s reality is warped in ways that she’s going to have difficulty adjusting to.

Oh My Disney: So maybe the curse was a good thing?

EK: When you wish away any part of your life there will be unintended consequences. Both good and bad experiences make us who we are.

Oh My Disney: Back in Storybrooke Gideon is poised to wreak havoc.

AH: Gideon will factor in significantly. He’s Gold and Belle’s son, he wants to kill Emma. That’s putting family against family. His story is going to play out in the entire second half of the season and we are going to see his origin story; we are going to see the Black Fairy’s origin story. We’re really going to dive into it.


Oh My Disney: In the winter finale we saw that maybe there’s a limit to what Gold is willing to do. Is he going to find his redemption this season?

AH: Gold will be forced to look at what happened to his son, but then also look inward to see what’s happened to him. There are echoes with his relationship with his father, there are echoes of things that have happened to him in his past and we’re going to be asking questions: Will Gold repeat the same mistakes or will he be able to grow and move forward?

Oh My Disney: What can you tell us about the upcoming musical episode?

EK: Snow and Charming are signing, Emma has a solo. We want to keep some surprises for the episode. But we will say there are many characters who will sing. Some with duets.

AH: Some have a cameo!

EK: There are a lot of surprises that we’re gonna pepper throughout that episode. And we’re really excited about it. We just started shooting it. The songs were recorded in the last few weeks and we can’t wait for people to get a chance to hear it all.

Oh My Disney: Have you always wanted to do a musical episode?

EK: No!

AH: I think it’s a cross between having wanted to do it and never thinking we could do it. A couple things happened. One was we had an idea for a story that we thought could work, and equally important we met these incredible composers, Alan Zachary and Michael Winer who were big fans of the show. They’re super talented guys, and when we sat down with them the ideas started flowing and they’ve come up with some really amazing stuff.

Oh My Disney: What should Disney fans be most excited for the rest of this season?

AH: If you’ve ever wanted to see Jasmine and Aladdin team up for an adventure, then I would watch. She’s gonna kick some butt.

Thanks to Adam and Eddie for chatting with us! Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, March 5 at 8|7c on ABC.

Posted 3 years Ago
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