The Bachelor Fantasy League Recap Episode 10: Finland and the Final Two

Fantasy Suite dates continued this week on The Bachelor. Lapland, Finland was the magical, Narnia-like winter setting where bachelor Nick Viall spent more time with Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa. After seeing most of Raven’s date last week, we learned that the rest of their night together went wonderfully. In fact, Raven was so happy about her time with Nick that she made snow angels and giddily skipped around the Finish town. But what about Rachel and Vanessa? Here’s how their dates with the bachelor went:

Rachel, 31, attorney, Dallas, TX

Santa Claus would have totally approved of Nick and Rachel’s date. They went cross-country skiing, fed adorable reindeer, and snuggled during a sleigh ride pulled by – you guessed it – reindeer. All that was missing was a jolly rendition of “Jingle Bells” to accompany them. Rachel said that she and Nick never struggle to have “so much fun together.” However, rejection is her biggest fear, and she felt scared to confess her true feelings for him. When she finally did reveal that she was falling in love with the bachelor, he said he was falling for her, too! After a fantastic night together in the Fantasy Suite, Nick made Rachel breakfast as she gazed at him in her penguin pajamas. She felt cloud-nine-amazing. We really love watching these two together. (And can we just say that Rachel has the best laugh ever?)

Vanessa, 29, special education teacher, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

So, Raven got a helicopter ride on her date with Nick. Rachel got to feed reindeer. What did lucky Vanessa get to experience? An ice bath. Outside. In freezing temperatures. Every girl’s dream date! While wearing matching blue bathing suits, Vanessa and Nick bravely attempted to stay in the frigid tub for a whole “ten Mississippis” before finding refuge in a hot tub. As they warmed up, their conversation got serious. She admitted she’s unwilling to compromise on her family’s regular Sunday lunches. We know her family time is important to her, but is her traditional family too overwhelming for Nick? And are Nick and Vanessa too similar? They’re both impulsive, hardheaded, and passionate people, and Nick feels this could present challenges in their relationship. He also can’t really envision himself living in Canada. So what does this mean for their future together? We’re not sure.

Final Two

After three seemingly successful Fantasy Suite dates, the bachelor had to say goodbye to someone. Unfortunately, that someone was Rachel. We were disappointed to see her go, but we took comfort in knowing that she’s the next Bachelorette! (We’re still so excited about this.)

So now it’s down to Raven and Vanessa. On next week’s finale, Nick will introduce the final two to his parents. And then we will have reached the moment we’ve all been waiting for: We’ll finally learn if Nick has fallen in love, and if he decides to propose. What do you think will happen next week? Tell us in the comments!

Last night’s episode was followed by the much anticipated Women Tell All special! Here are some highlights:

“Women Tell All” Highlights

• A fishy controversy was finally resolved: Alexis’s dolphin costume was “dolphinately” a shark.
The Bachelor women have a lot of love for Liz. No one had anything bad to say about her, and they all showed her love and support. It was heartwarming to watch.
• With Raven’s help, Corinne can stuff cheese in her mouth like a rodent. Speaking of cheese, Corinne brought everyone in the audience cheesy pasta because the world needs more cheese pasta.
• We were re-inspired by Kristina’s story. We loved seeing all the women admiring and supporting Kristina’s bravery and strength. And happily, Kristina has reconnected with old friends from the orphanage thanks to her visibility on the show!
• In New Orleans Rachel got interrupted by a loud horn, a singing biker, and a man who blurted out, “You’re not funny!” It was funny.
• This was Nick’s first Tell All, and he was nervous. (As a final-two contestant twice, he didn’t participate in the Tell All episodes for The Bachelorette.)
• Alexis said she and Nick stayed in the friend zone, and she was okay with that. Nick said his mom is dying to meet Alexis. We want to meet Alexis, too!
• A tearful Danielle still feels confused that Nick sent her home after she said she was falling in love with him.
• Nick said he liked that Corinne took risks and showed initiative while trying to win his attention. It worked.
• Rachel Lindsay is going to make a fabulous bachelorette. We loved seeing how all the contestants were so excited for her – we feel the same way!

If you think you can predict who will be offered a rose and who’ll be sent packing, play in our Bachelor Fantasy League! As you make predictions each week, we’ll be tracking how well the contestants are faring on their ultimate quest to be offered the final rose and, hopefully, an engagement ring.

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