These Exclusive Fun Facts From Tangled: The Series Will Delight You

It’s I Love Rapunzel Day! It’s kind of an annual thing, and we’re so excited that it is finally here. Ever since Tangled Before Ever After and Tangled: The Series premiered on Disney Channel earlier this year, we have been gleaming with excitement and glowing with happiness watching Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Maximus, Pub Thugs, and delightful new characters as they have amazing adventures in the kingdom and forests of Corona. In honor of it being I Love Rapunzel Day, aka the best day ever, we have fun facts to share about Tangled: The Series. These facts are amazing, adorable, and some of them just might surprise you. So, without further ado, we present:

Fact #1

This is so adorable! BRB going to DIY a journal just like this!

Fact #2

Spooky and awesome at the same time.

Fact #3

Heart eyes emojis all around. This is so, so, so cute! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Rapunzel and Eugene are couple goals!

Fact #4

Is there anything more awesome than a fire breather? We think not.

Fact #5

We almost want to change our own names to Crowley so that we too may be referred to as Old Lady Crowley.

Fact #6

We absolutely love this detail and the fact that Rapunzel brought her books from the tower to the castle!

Fact #7

What!! Mind. Blown.

Fact #8

Of course he does, because he’s Zachary Levi and his talent knows no bounds. Obviously, we love Zachary Levi.

Okay, this series is seriously the best! Make sure to catch Rapunzel and more of your favorite Tangled characters in Tangled: The Series on Disney Channel!

Posted 5 years Ago
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