This Zootopia Easter Egg in Big Hero 6 Will Amaze You


Disney movies are filled with Easter eggs for fans to spot, and Big Hero 6 is no stranger to them. We were recently stunned to discover an amazing hidden reference in Big Hero 6 that we had not noticed before. Are you ready for this wild Disney Easter egg? Here it comes:

Nick Wilde is on Honey Lemon’s cell phone case! Check out the image below:

A fox wearing a tie? That can’t be anyone other than Zootopia’s own Nick Wilde. And it turns out that, in fact, Honey Lemon’s phone case was inspired by early designs of Nick!

We reached out to Big Hero 6 Art Director Scott Watanabe, who confirmed the Easter egg and told us the following:

Early on, Honey Lemon’s phone case was designed to look like a bear, to conjure up a “honey” connection, but we came across a few similar designs in our research. I began to think of other animals and Nick Wilde, the fox from Zootopia (which was in production at the time), came to mind. Thought it might be a fun Easter egg for fans to look out for in the film.

Watanabe also shared this piece of visual development for Honey Lemon’s phone in Big Hero 6:

So amazing! Big Hero 6 was released in 2014 (and won the Academy Award for Animated Feature in 2015) and Zootopia was released in 2016 (and won the Academy Award for Animated Feature in 2017), which makes this Easter egg all the more amazing.

We love the way these award-winning films are connected! Had you previously spotted this Disney Easter egg? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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