Did You Spot This Easter Egg In Disney Pixar’s “Dante’s Lunch: A Short Tail”?

The Disney•Pixar Easter eggs just keep on coming! We recently got the chance to meet the adorable Xolo dog Dante, from the upcoming Disney•Pixar film Coco, in “Dante’s Lunch: A Short Tail”.

One moment in “Dante’s Lunch: A Short Tail” shows this adorable boy (who Lee Unkrich revealed was affectionately nicknamed Corn Boy) reacting to Dante speeding past him:

Computer: enhance this image:

A car…a checkered racing flag pattern…the number 95—those are Lightning McQueen shoes!

Lee Unkrich even confirmed this on Twitter!

Had you spotted this Easter egg? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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