A Rather Genie-us Take On The Australian Accent

Another Oh My Accent challenge video has arrived! Following Josh Gad’s epic attempt at the Aussie accent, we got the chance to ask Michael James Scott – the shining, shimmering Genie from Aladdin The Musical – to take on the challenge too.

You may not know this but Michael was whisked from New York City to Australia last year to lead the Australian production of Aladdin The Musical. And he’s just moved to Melbourne where the show is opening this weekend. (Grab your tickets here.)

During his time in Australia he’s developed a love for Tim Tams and sightseeing, and he’s pretty proud of how he can mimic our accent.

We sat down with Michael and he gave the magic of Agrabah an Aussie twist. The result is equal parts hilarious and charming, he even adds his own challenge to Josh Gad. Watch it now:


Aladdin The Musical is set to play at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne from April 15, 2017. Get your tickets now.

Posted 1 year Ago
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