Mark Hamill’s Tribute to Carrie Fisher at Star Wars Celebration

One of the last panels of the day on the second day of Star Wars Celebration was truly a moving one. Mark Hamill took to the Celebration Stage to pay a beautiful tribute to the late Carrie Fisher and, true to Carrie’s spirit, the panel was full of laughter and hilarious stories. Here are some of our favorite quotes and moments:

“We were more like brother and sister than we realized because we fought and we criticized and we got fed up with each other.” – Mark Hamill

“Carrie would want us to be happy. She was all about having fun, every day. She was all about having fun, finding fun. Which is why it was such a joy to be around her. Well … most of the time.” – Mark Hamill

After finding out that Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were twins, Mark Hamill told us: “I said [to Carrie], well wait a second, let’s see … if I’m Luke Skywalker from a farm on Tatooine, and she’s Princess Leia, does that mean I’m royalty? And without missing a beat, Carrie said, ‘No!'”

“She made you feel like you were her best friend. She was so laser focused on you and so engaging.” – Mark Hamill

Mark reminisced that Carrie would read philosophy books on set when they were filming the scenes on the bikes in Return of the Jedi. Mark said that Carrie usually had magazines in her trailer, but on set she had really large books. When he asked Carrie why, she said, according to Mark, “Because I want people to think I’m smart.”

Mark also stated that Princess Leia made “Solo and Skywalker look like chumps. No one ever challenged Han Solo. She was nineteen years old! Nineteen.” We can’t believe she was 19 either!

We also got to re-watch the beautiful video that was played at the 40 Years of Star Wars panel, full of amazing shots of Carrie in interviews, and on screen. It was so moving, the entire room went silent.

Mark next read a letter that he wrote a week after Carrie passed away, referring to her as his space twin. We love this.

“Did you know she’s loving all this?” – Mark Hamill, on Carrie looking over us all.

We then saw a video tribute of Kathleen Kennedy’s last memory of Carrie, Carrie signed a book for her that said, “You are my only boss. Thank you for not firing me.” In the video, Kathleen said that it was classic Carrie.

“She wouldn’t want us to be consumed by grief.” – Mark Hamill

Another amazing story from Mark Hamill: Mark and Carrie were filming, and Carrie made Mark try on Princess Leia’s space suit, then added clown hair and a clown nose to his costume, and paraded him around set for everyone to laugh at. This is just perfect.

Warwick Davis then joined Mark to talk about working with Carrie when he was just 11 years old, playing the role of the Ewok, Wicket. He said that Carrie was always looking out for him between takes, including giving him hot chocolate. We saw a very rare behind-the-scenes video of Carrie and Warwick, and it’s clear she really loved Warwick!

Lastly, we got to watch a montage of all of Carrie’s hilarious interviews at Star Wars Celebration. She was just so funny, so real, and so Princess Leia in each and every clip.

As Kathleen Kennedy said in the 40 Years of Star Wars panel yesterday, “She will always be remembered forever, even by those not old enough to say the words, ‘May the Force Be With You.'”

Mark ended the tribute by saying that he needed the support of fans to honor Carrie’s legacy in the way she deserved. As Star Wars fans, you could tell everyone in the room vowed to help Mark with this.

Mark ended with: “As long as we live, so too she shall live, because she has become a part of us all.”

It was a moving tribute to the most amazing woman and our Princess Leia. Thank you, Carrie.

Posted 5 years Ago
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