The Trailer for Disneynature’s Next Movie, Dolphins, Is Out and It’s Stunning

Disneynature is making a splash with the first trailer of their next film, Dolphins, coming Earth Day 2018. This news is dolphinitely fin-tastic. (We’re trying to contain our high-pitched dolphin squeaks of excitement!) Check out the beautiful trailer below:

Doesn’t the underwater world look magical? As the trailer reveals, we’ll be following a dolphin named Echo as he faces the challenges and wonders of under the sea life! It looks like other ocean creatures will be making appearances as well, like sea turtles, sharks, whales, and even a clownfish! (Dory would love this movie.) We’re riding waves of excitement over this fabulous announcement and trailer! We’ll definitely be traveling in pods—we mean packs—to see this film when it comes out. Okay, we are now officially out of puns so this article is at an end.

What do you think of Disneynature’s trailer for their next film, Dolphins? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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