9 Reasons Why Paul McCartney Is the Pirate We Never Knew We Needed

We will always remember this weekend as the weekend we found out that Paul McCartney is going to be in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Sir Paul McCartney surprised and delighted the world with this announcement on his social channels, and the internet collectively said, “Wait, what?” Once we got our sea legs over this amazing news, we started to think about it and nothing has ever made more sense to us. Sir Paul McCartney, famous musician, and one of the coolest people ever, plus Pirates of the Caribbean? It’s the perfect storm. Take a look at the majestic reveal and then we’ll get into why we are so onboard with this news:

Amazing. Here’s why Paul McCartney is everything we’ve ever needed in a pirate:

  1. He’s savvy.

    You don’t become a world famous musician without being the savviest person in the universe. As a member of the Beatles, and in his own solo career, Paul McCartney has the kind of life that dreams are made of. Accomplishing this certainly took determination and power, which any pirate of the Seven Seas would be fortunate to have.

  2. He’s a total boss.

    If you’re going to be a pirate, you’re going to need to know how to own it, and Paul McCartney clearly owns it. The pirate photo reference is case in point. Boss.

  3. He’s a legend.

    Paul McCartney is to the music world as Jack Sparrow is to the pirate world: Everyone has heard of him.

  4. He’s a brilliant musician.

    We’re not sure if the pirate character Paul McCartney is playing will be musically inclined, but even if he isn’t, it will be like music watching him, because he’s Paul McCartney.

  5. He looks great in a hat.

    As any pirate will tell you, this is an important quality.

  6. His beard game is strong.

    Look at the detail in his beard! We’re firm believers that the best worst pirates have the best worst beards.

  7. His eyes tell a story.

    You can tell there’s a lot of history in those pirate eyes. What will his name be? What will his connection to the story be? What will he say? All questions that will be circling our pirate brains until May 26.

  8. He’s been knighted.

    Sir Paul McCartney was knighted for his services to music, which means he is one of the coolest people ever, which means he’ll know exactly what it takes to be one of the coolest pirates ever.

  9. He’s rocking serious pirate fashion.

    We think Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud of this standout pirate look that Paul McCartney is sporting. Or should we say Pirate McCartney?

For all of these reasons, Paul McCartney will be one of the best pirates the world has ever seen, we’re sure of it. Literally cannot wait to see how this unfolds on May 26. It’s a pirate’s life for us.


Posted 4 years Ago
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