See Bambi and Thumper in This New Disneygraph Video With Disney Artist Paul Felix

This year marks the 75th anniversary for the animated classic Disney film, Bambi. To celebrate this momentous moment in Disney history, the heartfelt film will be joining the Walt Disney Signature Collection, available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on May 23, as well as on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand on June 6. This new release will offer bonus materials, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes interviews and commentary, and a special tribute to the amazing talent of artist Tyrus Wong, who inspired the look and feel of this beloved film.

Today, we’re getting a look at a new Bambi Disneygraph by Walt Disney Animation artist Paul Felix, who was inspired by Tyrus Wong. As first seen on ComingSoon.net, Felix, who is an animator, visual development artist, and production designer, created a beautiful piece of art featuring Bambi and Thumper. We’re in love with it! Take a look:The soft color palette gives the art a gentle and sweet energy that is perfect for these two friends, and we love seeing Bambi and Thumper come to life on the page!

To see an exclusive video of Paul Felix talking about his inspiration for the piece, head here.

In the video, we hear Paul Felix speak about his love for Bambi and his reverence for the poetic art of Tyrus Wong. You can see more moments like this (and even hear recordings of Walt Disney himself talking about the production of Bambi) with the Walt Disney Signature Collection edition of this groundbreaking film. We can’t wait to pick up our own copy!


Posted 1 year Ago
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