The Ghostly Pirate Ship from Pirates of the Caribbean Just Appeared In Sydney Harbour

Spotted on Sydney Harbour: a ghostly pirate ship making its way through the seas. ARRRR!

You might think this is Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, but on further inspection, it’s actually Captain Salazar’s ghost ship from the upcoming Pirates film, eerily making it’s way through the harbour, past the Opera House and under the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A few onlookers captured the ghostly ship in all its glory:

We can’t decide if this is really scary or super cool – a bit of both maybe? Either way, it looks like Captain Salazar is on the hunt for something, and if the latest Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailers are anything to go by – that something might be Jack Sparrow himself. So if you are in Sydney at the moment, be on the lookout for rogue pirates!


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Posted 1 year Ago
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