All the Details You Need to Know About Avatar Flight of Passage, an Unbelievable Attraction at Pandora – The World of Avatar

We recently got the chance to visit Pandora – the World of Avatar in Walt Disney World for a sneak peek, and it was an incredible, immersive experience that transported us to a place unlike any we’d ever been. We got to go through the queue and ride the attraction Avatar Flight of Passage, a simulated flight where passengers ride a banshee (an Ikran, in the Na’vi language) through the vast landscape of Pandora.

Honestly, if we had to write an article immediately after stepping off Flight of Passage, we wouldn’t have been able to, because this attraction left us speechless. Now that we’ve had the time to gather our thoughts, here is everything you need to know about the amazing attraction.

The queue is filled with things to look at, including a research lab where scientific experiments are in progress.

It also includes a stretch where you are inside a Na’vi cave. We loved seeing all of the Na’vi cave paintings. We will definitely have to return to see what details we missed in there the first time around.

The research lab includes “scientific experiments in progress with references to habitat restoration, the ecosystem, water purification and the connection of all living things.” We were super impressed by everything we saw in this lab—it all contributed to making this feel like a wholly immersive experience.

You’ll really feel like you’re flying.

Joe Rohde, Walt Disney Imagineering portfolio creative executive, had this to say:

“In Flight of Passage, the sensation of flying is really visceral, really believable. Not only do you have the more obvious aspects of flying—the swooping and curving—but we’ve put in crosswind, air density, and banking.”

And this review from Avatar director James Cameron encapsulates our feelings perfectly:

“You know, riding the Ikran is a thrill. You’re going to plunge. You’re going to dive. You’re going to swoop. It’s like dreaming with your eyes open.”

It’s in 3D.

And you get to wear basically the most stylish 3D goggles we’ve ever seen. We couldn’t help but snap a selfie:

You get matched to your own avatar prior to your flight.

And you’ll get to see what it looks like!

You straddle your seat like a motorcycle.

We’d never been on a ride like this, and it really added to the sensation of flight.

It looks amazing!

The world of Pandora through which you fly is so realistic and so vibrant, that we wanted to go on it over and over again from different seats so that we could get every single vantage point we could!

FastPasses+ selections are available.

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Pandora – the World of Avatar opens May 27 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Posted 3 years Ago
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