15 Fascinating Facts We Learned About Pandora – The World of Avatar

There are so many amazing things to see and learn about Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. As soon as you enter Pandora, you’ll notice Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) experts walking around. They are all so friendly and welcoming, and are happy to teach fellow travelers about the land and the Na’vi culture in Mo’ara Valley. We learned so much from them! We also felt completely connected to Pandora, its plants, and its animals after talking to our ACE friends. Now you can, too! Here are some of our favorite fascinating Pandora facts:

  1. The Na’vi say “hello” with the word “kaltxì.”

    The team at ACE know the Na’vi language and are happy to teach it to you! Hello was the first word we learned about, naturally.

  2. The land is actually bioluminescent, even in the daytime.

    An ACE expert instructed us to cup our hands around the ground when the sun was out, and because the light was blocked, we were able to see the glowing materials!

  3. There are four “Exploding Sea Plants” in the Mo’ara Valley.

    One ACE expert named Dr. Pam (on the left above) showed us a juvenile Exploding Sea Plant, which she assured us we didn’t have to worry about. Apparently when these plants mature, they grow flowers which explode out seeds. The Na’vi use the seeds to rejuvenates their skin. She said the seeds are like a “Pandora Fountain of Youth.”

  4. The Hexapede can often be heard throughout Mo’ara Valley.

    Dr. Pam helped us listen for the sounds. The Hexapede are very shy and elusive creatures that kind of look like a llama mixed with a dragon, in our opinion. They are gorgeous and can be found in fields of Helicoradian. What is Helicoradian you ask?

  5. Helicoradian is a plant with an animal-like nervous system.

    This beautiful plant is a single orange leaf! However, if you touch it, it coils back into the ground. They can only be found on the banks of the Kapsavan River.

  6. The Floating Mountains float because of unobtanium.

    There’s a lot of unobtanium underneath the Floating Mountains and the mountains also have a concentration within them. Because of this, there is a repelling affect that causes the mountains to float! Pictured above with the Floating Mountains is Dr. Pam, who explained this to us.

  7. The Challis Plant is a carnivorous plant.

    We were assured that these plants don’t eat anything unless it comes near them, so we admired their beauty from afar.

  8. The Vein Pod helps purify the air.

    Not only is it absolutely beautiful at night in all its bioluminescent majesty, but it also helps the environment. Amazing!

  9. The Spiny Whip is like a Pandora bird bath.

    We learned the two facts above from Laura, a naturalist on Pandora who works with ACE and with the Pandora Conservation Initiative. Apparently the Spiny Whip always has water collected within it.

  10. A Goblin Thistle is also called the “Thousand Berry Tree.”

    One of our favorite plants in Pandora! This plant radiates confidence and beauty.

  11. Bladder Polyp plants taste like an Earth pickle.

    This plant pulls salt out of the soil, and because of this it is filled with salt, water, and the meat of the plant, which gives it the pickle-like flavor. Thanks to Laura, we learned this.

  12. Pongu Pongu translates to “party party.”

    ACE expert Janelle informed us that Pongu Pongu was the place to be after a long day of studying nature on Pandora. We definitely hung out there for awhile ourselves!

  13. All young Nav’i must bond with a wild banshee to prove their strength and fortitude.

    We were lucky enough to meet our own banshee, and felt joy. They are a remarkable creature!

  14. Woodsprites can be found on the Na’vi River Journey.

    They are difficult to photograph, so they aren’t pictured here, but they kind of look like tiny, thin, floating jellyfish!

  15. The Na’vi say goodbye with the words “eywa ngahu.”

    It was hard to say eywa ngahu to all of our new ACE friends when we journeyed out of Pandora!

We can’t wait to visit Pandora again and learn more. It was truly an eye-opening, breathtaking experience that we’ll never forget. We see you, Pandora.

Posted 5 years Ago
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