5 Things We Learned about Cars 3 from the Cars 3 “Pit Crew”

Cars 3 is nearing the starting line (aka, it’s coming to theaters on June 16), and we are getting revved up for it! We were lucky enough to interview some of the “pit crew” behind the movie: Director Brian Fee, Producers Andrea Warren and Kevin Reher, and Characters Supervisor Michael Comet, who all gave us some insight into the process behind Cars 3, and what we have to look forward to come June 16. Here are all of the amazing things we learned:

  1. The movie will tell Lightning McQueen’s story as he faces a new challenger named Jackson Storm, voiced by Armie Hammer.

    Director Brian Fee is jazzed about this, saying: “It’s really exciting for me to go work on Cars 3, because it’s a chance to go back to McQueen’s character, and really not treat it like it’s an episode, not treat it like ‘What’s his problem today?’ I’m super excited for him to have a real-life crossroad that he has to deal with.”

  2. There are some Easter eggs related to Miss Fritter, voiced by Lea DeLaria.

    And the Easter eggs have to do with both Miss Fritter’s appearance and her dialogue.

    Says producer Kevin Reher: “This is the kind of research we do: So when you see Fritter say ‘You’re about to feel the wrath of the Lower Belleville School District’ that’s actually where Lea DeLaria went to school, and her license plate is her birthday.”

    When it comes to Miss Fritter’s animation, Michael Comet said:
    “In the modeling, if we know the voice actor we definitely try to put things in, like with Miss Fritter. Lea DeLaria often wears those thick black glasses, and we put that around the windshield of Miss Fritter. If you look really closely, it’s kind of thickened up a little bit and dark.”

    There’s at least one more, but we won’t spoil it—look out for it when you watch Cars 3 and report back in the comments!

  3. Cruz Ramirez and Lightning McQueen’s relationship is at the heart of the film, and a lot of the filmmakers’ favorite relationship in the movie.

    Producer Andrea Warren said: “It’s interesting to me because I think, when McQueen thinks of the trainer he wants, he thinks of Doc, and of course, Doc isn’t around anymore. And here he is presented with Cruz, who is very much the opposite of what he would want. But, I love how their stories ended up complementing each other, when you dig down more layers, as they learn more about each other, as we learn more about them and what they go through, they manage to complement each other and help each other confront their fears, and help each other deal with the lack of confidence that they both have for different reasons.”

    Director Brian Fee took this a step further when discussing his favorite relationship in the movie: “You’re probably thinking I’m going to say two characters. My favorite character relationship in the movie is the relationship of Doc, McQueen, and Cruz. Think of it as a triad.”

  4. It will give you a newfound appreciation for racing.

    When asked, everyone we spoke to said that they grew to love racing more than they did before, just from working on this movie.

  5. This was director Brian Fee’s first time directing!

    We asked him about the unexpected challenges of being a first-time director:

    “The thing that I should have been the best at was also the hardest, which was the story. Because I came from the story department, and I have a story background, you would think that at least that, well, at least that part would be easy, but that was not the case. The story was the hardest thing to figure out, and it probably always will be.  The story is always the heart of the movie, so there’s no formula, there’s no shortcut. They’re very hard. I’ve seen the most experienced directors hit their heads against the wall trying to figure out their stories. I know that it’s par for the course, but figuring out the story was the hardest part.”

Cars 3 hits theatres June 16! What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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