5 Art Pieces From Bambi’s Production History That Will Delight You

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Walt Disney Animation Studios classic Bambi this year, we’re thrilled to share more art and reference materials from the film’s production. Thanks to the Disney Animation Research Library, which works to conserve and protect the artistic heritage of Walt Disney Animation Studios, we’re getting a glimpse into some fascinating animation history. Take a look at these absolutely delightful artistic pieces from Bambi’s past:

  1. Bambi on Ice Scene, animated by Bill Justice.

    We love seeing this adorable sequence depicting Bambi happily attempting to glide on ice, and then slipping! It’s such an endearing moment. Let’s take a closer look at these drawings:

    Besides the animation sequence, you’ll also notice the tool under the drawings. This is a palette knife, which is one of the tools the Disney Animation Research Library uses to conserve and handle art. Other tools used include dust brushes, pencils (not pens!), and white gloves. It’s important to preserve and care for Disney art, not only as amazing artifacts from Disney’s animation history, but also so the art can be used as reference resources for current and future Walt Disney Animation Studios artists and productions.

  2. Deleted scene from Bambi, animated by Milt Kahl and assisted by Marc Davis.

    This scene got all the way to the clean-up part of Bambi’s production before it was taken out of the film. At the bottom of each sketch, a stamp of the production number, sequence, and scene number are listed. The papers next to the animation art is the sequence’s x-sheet, which details the timing notes from Kahl and Davis for the scene.

  3. Deer structure maquette and model:

    Animators were able to use this anatomical model as reference when animating and posing characters.

    Looking statuesque, here’s another model:This sculpted deer helped artists animate characters in Bambi. 

  4. Mother with Bambi concept art.

    This concept art was used to help inspire the look of the Bambi. It shows a truly beautiful moment between a loving mother and her fawn. So touching.

  5. Animation book by Rico Lebrun.

    Animators used this book by Lebrun, an artist who worked with the Bambi animators to help them better understand the behavior and anatomy of animals. Here’s a closer look:Notice the white gloves used to handle the book?

    It’s so amazing to see these reference materials used by Disney artists and to realize how much thought and research went into portraying the movement of forest animals as believably as possible. And as we know, the outcome was truly an animated masterpiece to behold!

    If you’re feeling inspired to relive the magic of Bambi after seeing all these historical art pieces, you can now see the 75th Anniversary Edition of Bambi on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and Disney Movies Anywhere. This special edition includes special features and deleted scenes, so you can learn even more about the production of the classic film.

    What did you think about these artistic pieces from Bambi’s production history? Which was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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