7 Times We Felt All the Emotions During the New Trailer for Disney Pixar’s Coco

Earlier this week, we learned about the characters and voice cast for the upcoming Disney•Pixar film Coco, and today we get to see the brand new trailer. We were already in love with this beautiful film, and with the new trailer, we now have have even more reasons why we can’t wait to see it. Take a look:

Pausing for a moment while we collect ourselves. It’s just. So. Beautiful. Clearly, this trailer is making us feel all the emotions we can feel, especially during the following moments:

  1. Miguel looking at the statue of Ernesto de la Cruz.

    We are so ready to go on this journey with Miguel.

  2. Miguel strumming the guitar.

    And the marigold petals shining and the music and the adorable look on Miguel’s face! AHHHH! It’s a perfectly epic moment!

  3. Miguel discovering he’s invisible to the living.

    And when he runs into members of the Land of the Dead and screams, we screamed too. And then giggled.

  4. Dante rolling in marigold petals.

    Oh Dante, you’re our new favorite.

  5. The beautiful view of the colorful and bright Land of the Dead.

    We think we learned a new emotion when we saw this and that emotion is a combination of all of the emotions ever.

  6. Miguel meeting his family in the Land of the Dead.

    This brought tears of joy to our eyes.

  7. Miguel opening up the photo that has a missing piece.

    What a mystery! We can’t wait to learn more!

BRB, going to watch the trailer for Coco a million more times today.

Posted 11 months Ago
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