5 Things We Loved About the New Cars 3 Trailer

The release of Cars 3 will be speeding around the corner when it comes to theaters next week on June 16! And now, there’s a brand new trailer racing onto the scene to further fuel our excitement for this sure-to-be-epic Disney•Pixar film. Take a look:

So good! We’re getting an overall inspirational, nostalgic vibe from this Cars 3 trailer, and we’re totally into it. Here’s what we especially loved:

  1. The soundtrack.

    The classic Eagles song titled “Take It to the Limit”  is giving us major throwback vibes, and we’re kinda feeling the need to take a drive with the windows rolled down. It set the tone for this trailer, and we’re all about it. If you love it too, you can purchase the soundtrack here.

  2. Seeing more of Sally!

    She’s back with more words of encouragement and wisdom to share, and we’re so thrilled to see her!

  3. Lightning McQueen off-roading.

    He trains with Cruz Ramirez on the beach and he drives through a wooded area at night. Speeding on unpaved roads shows his grit and determination. We’re impressed and so ready to go on this journey with McQueen.

  4. The look on Lightning McQueen’s face as other race cars pass him.

    Okay, so we don’t actually love this moment, because it breaks our hearts to see his disappointed realization that other race cars are whizzing past, but it sure gives us the feels. We empathize with #95, and we absolutely have to see this movie so we can cheer him on and see how this plays out. We’re rooting for you, Lightning McQueen!

  5. When Lightning McQueen says, “I decide when I’m done.”

    These are words to live by. And therefore, we’ll decide when we’re done watching this new trailer over and over again … which isn’t yet!

    We’ll be singing “Take It to the Limit” for the rest of the day. Be sure to check out Cars 3 on Disney Movies Anywhere. 

Posted 5 years Ago
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