You’ve Got to See These 4 Amazing Cars 3 Prints From Poster Posse

We’re getting revved up to see Cars 3 in theaters on June 16 with some truly amazing poster art inspired by the upcoming Disney•Pixar film! These stunning images from the artists at Poster Posse were specially commissioned by Walt Disney Studios and will be on display at the Cars 3 premiere. We’re so thrilled to get to admire them! Created by artists from all over the world, these posters reflect unique perspectives and art styles. Let’s check them out:

By artist Adam Rabalais:

Twitter: @adamrabalais
Facebook: adamrabalaisart
Instagram: @adamrabalaisThis. Is. Fierce. We literally feel bolder just looking at this focused, determined, and ready to race Lightning McQueen. And it looks like he’s staring straight at his competitor, Jackson Storm! He’s comin’ for you, Jackson. Ka-chow!

By artist Jeremy Pailler:

Twitter: @jeremy_pailler
Facebook: PaillerJeremy
Instagram: @jeremy_paillerIn this dynamic and fiery piece, you can really feel the intensity of the characters’ emotions. It’s passionate, dramatic, and we’re in love with this color palette and the poster’s watercolor look.

By artist Doaly:

Twitter: @Doaly
Facebook: doaly.design.services
Instagram: @_doalyLightning McQueen decides when he’s done, and we decide that this poster is awesome. We love the perspective of seeing McQueen through a rear-view mirror, and judging from the yellow color, it looks like Cruz Ramirez is in the lead! We also love the bright colors and palm tree shadow in this piece that are giving us a confident and optimistic vibe from race car #95.

By artist Oli Riches:

Twitter: @oliriches
Facebook: olirichesdesigns
Instagram: @olirichesThis dramatic and moody poster is giving us the feels. With the swirling black smoke leading to what appears to be a crash in the corner (remember the epic crash in this Cars 3 trailer?), we’re getting goosebumps and feeling major excitement that we’ll finally get to see this film next week!

These posters from Poster Posse are absolutely beautiful, and they’ve definitely got us ready to race to theaters on June 16 when Cars 3 comes to theaters!

If you want to see more from Poster Posse and the amazing collaborations they’ve done with Disney , check them out on Twitter,  Facebook, and Instagram.

And, if you want a reminder from a Cars 3 voice cast member on opening week, make sure to following the directions below:

We can’t wait!

Posted 3 years Ago
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