These Brothers Created a Real-Life Version of Andy’s Room From Toy Story Down to the Last Detail

Ever wondered what Andy’s room from Toy Story would look like in real life? Well, two brothers from Iowa have turned Andy’s room into a reality, in one of their actual bedrooms!

Morgan and Mason McGrew are lifelong fans of Toy Story who were profiled in a video by Yahoo Celebrity. We are so impressed by their dedication to bringing Andy’s room to life in Mason’s bedroom, which you can see here.

We are floored by the attention to detail that these brothers put into replicating Andy’s room. From Andy’s whiteboard (which took them hours to study and perfect with Toy Story on Blu-ray), to creating a fake window where they didn’t have one by using a picture frame, Morgan and Mason really thought of everything. It looks incredible!

Morgan and Mason are also currently shooting a live-action recreation of Toy Story 3 using real toys. You can see more from Morgan on Instagram, where he posts incredible photographs of Pixar toys and merchandise, not just limited to Toy Story.

We love this shot of Bullseye and Jessie:

She loves critters, but none more than her best pal Bullseye!

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And this shot of Rex in nature made our day:

Get out and smell the flowers!

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Morgan and Mason, you have new friends in us!


Posted 4 years Ago
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